how to create a cosy baby feeding station

Whether you’re breast or bottle-feeding your new arrival, one thing’s certain: you’ll spend a lot of time over the next few weeks sitting down as they tuck in. Newborns tend to need frequent feeding – and as some are laid-back, leisurely feeders, there may be days when you feel glued to the sofa.

The snuggly early days of parenthood are lovely and they pass all too quickly, but during a long feeding session, that time slows down and you may find yourself restlessly wishing you could get up and on with something else. The solution is simple: create a comfortable, well-equipped baby feeding station, then sit back and enjoy.

mum and baby resting

fix up your baby feeding station

At first, many new mums have lots of help while they're feeding. There’s usually someone to fetch a cuppa, pass a tissue or switch on the radio. Then suddenly, their partner returns to work and they lose their feeding buddy for several hours a day.

With a bit of planning, you don’t have to feel stranded on the sofa. Make your baby feeding station into a cosy nest with everything you need to hand. Place a favourite chair in a warm spot, with a handy table or shelf next to it and adopt it as your own space.

get comfy

Never embark on a feeding session if you’re not comfy: your hungry little one can wait a few seconds until you’re settled. Cushions are brilliant, as you can use them to prop your cradling arm up to the right height – even tiny newborns become heavy if your arm’s not supported.

You can get special feeding pillows that wrap around you and are great for helping take your baby’s weight. You may also feel better with your feet propped up on a little stool. If you’ve had a c-section, ask your midwife for advice on comfortable feeding positions.

mum breastfeeding her baby with a support pillow

baby feeding station essentials

Make sure you have a stash of muslins to catch any dribbles or possets. It can be lovely to have a cuddle after the feed while your baby is sleepy with milk – keep a blanket to hand so you can tuck them in cosily. If you want a seamless transfer to a Moses basket, set it down close to your baby feeding station before you settle in.

mums need feeding too!

Many mums say they get really thirsty when breastfeeding. Leave a bottle of water or a comforting cuppa (but not too hot) on a table within easy reach. Babies won't respect your mealtimes, so you may find you and your newborn dining at the same time! You’ll soon become a pro at grabbing a bite to eat while also feeding your little one. Between meals, keep healthy snacks at your baby feeding station in case you get peckish yourself.

line up the entertainment

The novelty of your newborn doesn't wear off, but to be honest, if they’re having a very hungry day, you may start to get a bit twitchy sitting still for so long. Before you start feeding, line up the entertainment. A (charged) mobile phone, something to read and the TV remote control are essential tools for the modern mum. And an e-reader can be easier to manage than a thick book, as you only need to free up a thumb to click to turn the page!

And that's it, you're all set up to settle into your cosy baby feeding station. Sit back, relax and enjoy these precious moments with your little one.

dad bottle feeding his baby


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