time to get active: great sports for kids

Is ‘where do they get their energy from?’ your most overused phrase? If the answer is yes, it's probably a good time to look into signing up for some sports for kids. Whether you have a super-wriggly baby on your hands or a toddler who just won't tire, active games can help to burn off that energy ready for bedtime and teach them some handy new skills in the process.

Who knows, that 'toddler gymnastics' class you sign them up for might spark a love for rolling and tumbling that just keeps going! To start them off early, here's a short guide to activities for rugby tots, mini martial artists and beyond...

Little boy holding toys for playing sports

go, baby, go

If your baby is still tiny, try out a parent-and-baby yoga class or take your baby swimming. It's a simple way to ease cabin fever in those early months. Plus, these activities will help your little one to develop motor skills and provide you both with a great bonding session. You might even meet another new mum to share cake and conversation with afterwards... score!

toddler sport time

Looking for sports for two-year-olds? Right now, they’re probably a smidge too young for team activities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get active. Have a look at your local club or gym for toddler groups. Soft play sessions help them to socialise and use up all of that energy before their afternoon nap.

Oh, and toddler gymnastics will have them rolling, stretching and giggling away. They may not be practising Olympic-standard moves just yet, but their coordination will improve with handstands and forward rolls. Dance classes are another opportunity for them to move freely. Plus, learning a (very short) routine gives their memory a workout.

There comes a time when we all think we have the next Beckham on our hands – usually that first kick in the womb... To improve their odds, search for toddler football sessions or rugby for toddlers. These will be non-competitive at this age, but will start them off on the right foot (excuse the pun).

Children doing gymnastics and playing football

getting competitive

Once they’re in school, their concentration has improved and they might be ready to join organised groups and competitive teams. Look out for team sports and local clubs that offer football classes for kids. Their school probably has extra-curricular sessions to keep them busy before pick-up time too. Check out local church halls and gyms for 'martial arts for kids' classes if they fancy something new. You never know, it might be the start of a life-long passion!

Let's not forget that it really is all fun and games – sometimes, we just need to blow off some steam. Try a pressure-free day at a local trampoline park with the whole family. These usually accept tots of all ages (and parents, too) so you can bounce together to your heart’s content. Go on... give in and let yourself loose!


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