#dadstories with BabyBjörn

We got the insiders scoop on the Dad’s behind the #dadstories BabyBjörn campaign and found out about some of their experiences of being a Dad as well as the best features about the new Spring collection from BabyBjörn.

“I realise that having a kid is a wonderful and terrifying – but totally worth it.” - Pierre, 29 – Daddy to baby Olivia, 7 weeks and her big brother Lukas, 3 years

Father, Pierre with his little baby for #dadstories with Mothercare and BabyBjörn

The Baby Carrier One and Baby Carrier One Air helps you stay in close contact with your infant, reinforcing the parent-child bond from the very beginning. You carry your baby high up on your chest and close to your heart.

A Father with his family for #dadstories with Mothercare and BabyBjörn

“I have to be there for my children, to support them in bad or good times.” - Stefan, 41 – dad to baby Leo, 6 months as well as, Linnea 16, Linus 15, Tim 12 and Albert 11

The baby carrier’s well-conceived design allows you to get your toddler on your back without help in a safe and easy way. Convenient and practical when your toddler gets tired and wants a piggyback from Mummy and Daddy.

From 5 months of age you can fold down the head support and start carrying your child in the front-facing position for shorter periods. At this age, the baby’s neck muscles, as well as hips and spine, are sufficiently developed. And most babies this age are excited to be able to see what is going on around them, while staying safe and close to their parent.

“When I held her for the first time it was unbelievable… I’ll do anything for her.” - William, 32 with baby Fred, 4 weeks and big sister Lou, 3 and half

A Dad and his three children for #dadstories with Mothercare and BabyBjörn

“Naturally it’s a challenge but it’s the best challenge I’ve ever taken on.” - Mikael, 35 – father of Vinter 6 months, Vegas 3 years, Diesel 5 years

When you are not using the baby carrier, it can easily be rolled up into a compact roll, and fits in your bag or under the pram. Perfect for on-the-go!

“Charlie is a miracle to me.” - Kim, 33 first time father of Charlie, 9 months

The Baby Carrier One is developed in close collaboration with world leading paediatricians to ensure correct support and perfect fit for your growing baby from age new born.

“It was the most scared and anxious I’ve ever been.” - Joshua, 31, with daughter Darcy, 8 months

A Dad and his baby for #dadstories with Mothercare and BabyBjörn

Real Dad’s telling their real stories #dadstories

#dadstories with Mothercare and BabyBjörn

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