baby on board: choosing your car seat

When you're hitting the road with baby in the back, safety always comes first. (Keeping them entertained comes second!) Picking the right baby car seat – a good few months before your due date – will give your newborn all the support (and you all the reassurance) they need for safe family car trips.

As they grow, baby will need new seats that fit their age and size. But with so many designs to consider, how are you meant to decide?

decoding car seat categories

From day one: Your tiny traveller will need a newborn baby car seat up until they weigh around 13kg. This little throne will be rear-facing and have a cosy five-point harness to buckle baby into position.

Of course, if you'd rather not change your car seat after baby's first year, you could opt for a combination model. These take them up to 18kg, or the four-year mark. Combination car seats have all the safety trimmings – such as padded head huggers – that newborn seats have, but they also transform into forward-facing models.

From 15 months: Speaking of forward-facing – once your little one hits 15 months, it's safe for them to turn around. Forward-facing seats have elevated bases so baby can see the world, which might help amuse them for a while. They can also wriggle to their heart's content thanks to snug multi-point harnesses that keep them in place.

From four years: For the school run (once they reach four years old – gulp), you’ll need a highback booster that they can use right up until their twelfth birthday.

Height vs weight: To choose a car seat, you'll need to know your little one's height or weight. iSize car seats go by height to take growth spurts into account, and you can rest assured they meet the latest safety regulations.

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