baby decor inspiration: five creative nursery themes

Planning and designing the perfect nursery for your little one isn’t easy – there are often so many things to consider, purchase and organise at the same time.

An excellent way to start is by deciding on a nursery theme. This is as simple as picking an overarching style or feeling that will suit your space, then choosing the furniture and wall colour to match. You can get ideas from books, movies, places, people and anything you like (or that you think your baby will like) to create a truly original nursery.

As you’re deciding where you’ll store their adorable outfits and favourite toys, it may be useful to think about the building blocks that make up any nursery theme:

colour scheme: choosing and arranging the colours that set the mood for the room
furniture essentials: the basic objects, including a Moses basket or cot bed, changing table, chest of drawers and everything else your baby needs on a day-to-day basis
decorative details: the little things that give extra personality to the bedroom design such as bedding, pictures and wallpaper

You can combine all these elements to achieve a coordinated look that will last all the way through their toddler years, or even longer with just a few adjustments.

Inspired by some of our new collections, we’ve come up with a selection of five nursery themes which can be adapted to suit any budget and every family. Each of these is accompanied by practical tips and decoration ideas so you can get inspiration for your own home.

Colourful nursery theme

1. nostalgic nursery theme: vintage rainbows

Take your baby’s room on a journey back in time to the seventies, the decade of colour explosions, quirky patterns and bold pieces. Incorporate rainbows all over with comfy quilts and pillows, bright rugs and nature-themed wall stickers to create an iconic interior design. Think turquoise blue, sunshine yellow and cherry red. Add some polaroid pictures, retro denim accents and classic wooden toys for a hint of nostalgia. Flip through old magazines, google the Art Deco and Pop movements or browse our little bird home range for more lively decoration ideas.

Monochrome nursery theme

2. modern nursery theme: stylish monochrome

Combine a simple black-and-white palette with strong slogans and trendy fabrics to create a standout nursery for your tiny human. Turn the walls into something absolutely unique by painting over them with blackboard paint - you can then draw or write in chalk as many times as you want. Choose a cot with clean lines and complement it with geometric-printed bedding for a contemporary feel.

Jungle nursery theme

3. jungle nursery theme: safari adventure

Bring the fun of the wild into their nursery by mixing plenty of animal motifs with tropical hues. You can tone it down by selecting neutral furniture, contrasting with vibrant toys, curtains and baby blankets. Tigers, leopards, lions, elephants and monkeys make great bedroom companions. Consider adding some artificial plants and flowers for that rainforest freshness. Why not take some inspiration from ‘The Jungle Book’ or your favourite Indiana Jones film?

Teddy bear nursery theme

4. teddy bear nursery theme: toy box

Is there anything sweeter than a teddy bear? Lend a magical and calm feel to your baby’s space with a light colour scheme of browns, beiges and greys with lots of decorative elements from their toy chest. Super easy to put together, this nursery theme is all about cloud-like softness and subtlety, allowing the cuddly creatures to stand out. For a lovely finish, add wooden letters with their initials on the wall.

Pastel nursery theme

5. dreamy nursery theme: pastel party

A new arrival is always cause for celebration - that’s why a pastel-party theme is such a wonderful idea for a nursery. Invite snuggly friends and accessorise with balloon ornaments confetti-inspired boxes. Make it dreamier with a rotating musical mobile and soft fairy lights. For a look that would rival any party cake, mint green and rose pink are delicious colour choices.

Remember, you only need small touches to bring big ideas to life. If you want to budget and keep spending to a minimum, accessories such as textiles go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for a room, so be sure not to overlook them.

If you can’t choose which nursery theme you like most, why not create a mood board? Simply put together a selection of photographs, lists, samples or whatever inspires you. This can help making the decision easier as you visualise your great nursery designs.

After you’ve agreed on a theme, make sure to check what must-haves your nursery needs and how to best prepare your baby's space; then you can begin your search for matching furniture styles.

Happy decorating.


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