5 things to do this autumn with your children

children playing in autumn leaves

Each season offers different opportunities to make picture-perfect memories. Autumn is the time of yellow-golden days, warm scarves, juicy apples, leafy parks and ghost stories (as long as they’re not too spooky!). Whether you want to spend time outdoors appreciating nature’s changing colours or stay indoors enjoying a cosy night in, there are plenty of activities to keep your little ones happy.

go for a walk

Equip yourself and your family with knitted jumpers and wellies and get exploring. There’s nothing quite like being out in the woods and feeling the cool wind in your hair. In autumn, you can go wildlife spotting for intricate spider webs, flocks of birds, red squirrels and fungi on tree trunks. You can also go bike riding or sunset-watching. Being outdoors is great for stimulating all your little ones’ senses and allows them to experience all sorts of new things. You can choose to walk in a local park or nature reserve - there are miles of open space waiting to be discovered.

little girl collecting autumn leaves

catch falling leaves

Autumn’s kaleidoscopically beautiful displays of oranges, reds and browns will capture your children’s attention as they are keen to know more about the world around them. Fuel their curiousness by taking them out to collect leaves, seeds, nuts and fruits and observe their interesting sizes, shapes, textures and patterns. Your little ones will become experts at recognising different species in no time.

bake seasonal treats

Pears, blueberries, plums, cabbages and courgettes. Make the most of autumn’s rich and varied produce and teach your children new skills by getting them more involved in the kitchen. It’s the perfect time to introduce them to the sweet world of cakes, pies and biscuits with child-friendly seasonal recipes. It doesn’t have to be a big project, they’ll love simple tasks like washing, measuring and mixing ingredients. Just remember to keep all hazards away from their little grabbing hands.

have an arts & crafts session

Encourage your children to be creative with all the nature bits and pieces they pick up. You can help them create an original leaf collage or paint small rocks with animal motifs. Not only will this be fun, but it will also strengthen their imagination and build their physical skills. Plus, it’s a great way for them to express themselves.

plan a game night

If you are looking for a more relaxed plan to do with your children, a family game night is an excellent solution. A Halloween-themed game would be a suitable choice for this season although traditional card or board games will never get old. Take your time explaining the rules; you may want to grab some snuggly blankets and prepare some snacks. Expect great bonding moments (and some healthy competition!).

Whatever the weather, experience the best of autumn and take your pick from one of these fun activities. Depending on your little ones’ age, adjust the length and intensity of your adventures. Don’t forget to wrap up and keep your cameras at the ready.


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