10 post-natal tips for feeling like a person again (and not just a mum)

top ten post-natal tips for feeling like a person again and not just a mum

Post-natal tips, it's almost like as soon as you have a baby, everyone has something for you! There’s the inevitable home invasion situation that comes with having a newborn - health visitors, relatives, and friends that you haven’t seen in years arriving with cute baby clothes.

But that soon ends. Your partner goes back to work after Paternity leave and all of your adult friends are at work during the day. The content of your conversations suddenly narrows down to cooing at your beautiful baby and grunting as you pass them over to their Dad so you can squeeze some sleep in before the all-night baby party.

(Side note: if you’re a single mum, you’re a superhero. No lie.)

Coupled with the fact that at every doctor’s appointment, check-up, injection, you become known as ‘mum’. You no longer have a name, you have a title. X’s mum!

All birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts seem to be related to your new spawn. You might even still be in maternity jeans. It’s enough to make anyone feel like they have lost themselves in those first few months.

10 post-natal tips for feeling like a person again

Here are some of my conventional (and some non-conventional) post-natal tips on how to help get your sparkle back after having a baby:

1. Mum and baby groups – going to a place where you can interact with adults can do wonders for your sanity.
2. Take an unconventional exercise class, like really unconventional – Once you’re all healed up from the rigmarole of labour why not take up hula hooping, a martial arts class or even pole dancing? Yes, pole dancing!
3. Put the maternity clothes away – nursing tops with those awesome clasps for easy access, when you’re not breastfeeding anymore… You know what I’m talking about.
4. Get fitted for a new bra! – your boobs have changed, especially before, during and after breastfeeding. Life is too short to wear an uncomfortable bra.
5. Dye your hair a bright colour – it might not be your cup of tea, but pink ombre or a green streak might just make you feel awesome again.
6. Spend time outside – a change can be better than a rest. Going to the park or even sitting in the garden is better than being cooped up inside.
7. Send that first text – sometimes people don’t want to ‘bother’ new parents, but if you’re feeling lonely, why not kick-start a conversation with someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while?
8. Mum and baby cinema showings – most cinemas do mum and baby film showings, where the sound is lowered and the tickets are cheaper. It’s a great way to spend a morning.
9. Date night (without your baby) if you feel comfortable enough to bite the bullet and leave your little one with someone that isn’t your partner, why not go out and spend some time together? Your relationship with your partner is important and deserves attention too.
10. Tell people how you are feeling – if you’re not okay, don’t lie and say that you are. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel overwhelmed and lonely. Talking about it means that people can help.

Love Michaela x


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