when can i find out the sex of the baby?

First off, congratulations on your new addition in the making! No matter how far along in your journey you are, expecting a little one is such an exciting time. Part of that excitement is finding out the sex of the baby. If you can hardly wait to know whether it’s it a freckled girl or a curly-haired boy, it’s time to count down the weeks.

As part of your pregnancy care, you’ll be offered a mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan around 18-21 weeks to check for anomalies. This is about the time you can ask that magical question – “What are we having?” As long as your growing bundle hasn’t wriggled into an awkward position, they should be able to tell you your baby’s sex. And though ultrasounds don’t promise to be 100% accurate for detecting gender, they’re the best method around.

It’s also worth knowing that some hospitals may have a policy against telling you the gender of your baby. Having a chat with your sonographer or midwife before your 18-21 week scan will help to set your expectations. If you won’t be able to find out at that scan or can’t wait that long, here’s some news to put a smile on your face…

From as early as 16 weeks, you can book in to have a private gender scan. To make things even easier for you, we’ve put Babybond® scanning clinics in selected mothercare stores. What better excuse to go for a little shopping trip than finding out whether you’re having a girl or a boy? Baby’s first outfit, here you come!

Newborn baby sleeping

how to predict the sex of the baby

A lot of being a parent is a guessing game, and for a while that includes your baby’s sex. If you simply can’t wait as long as 16-20 weeks to go home with a revealing sonogram in hand, there’s always speculation. Bear in mind that these are old wives’ tales, but these signs have been said to predict your bump’s gender.

Cravings – “sugar and spice and all things nice” for a little lass and salt for a son

Mother’s beauty – apparently boys add to your soft skin while girls steal mum’s beauty

Heartrate – bumps that beat above 140 bpm are little lasses, and below that are baby boys

Morning sickness – you’ll rarely avoid this symptom but excessive nausea could signal a daughter

Bump shape – if you’re carrying low, it’s a boy while girls are carried high and wide

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keeping it secret or sneaking a peak

While some parents can hardly wait to find out their baby’s sex, others choose not to. If ‘to know or not to know’ is the question going around your head, this might help you decide. Here’s a few reasons why parents-to-be keep the sex of the baby a secret or choose to sneak a peak:

Reasons to keep it a secret

• Perhaps the most magical reason is the amazing surprise after nine months of waiting and wondering
• Friends and family are more likely to indulge you with unisex clothing rather than gendered blue and pink
• On that note, not knowing delays any stereotyped speculation – “Oh dad, you’ll be outnumbered if it’s a girl!”
• But if you like guessing games and old wives’ tales for predicting gender, there’s plenty of fun to be had
• For mums-to-be specifically, the motivation to know your baby’s sex could help you push through your labour
• Last but not least, while you can’t hide your bump, baby’s gender is one thing you can keep secret

The perks of finding out

• Why spend time disagreeing about two names when knowing your baby’s sex means deciding on just one
• If you already have children, finding out if they’ll have a baby brother or sister can help them feel more involved
• Finding out for yourself also gives you time to reimagine your life if you had your heart set on the other gender
• For those of you supporting mum, being in on the secret can make your baby feel more ‘real’ and help you bond
• And finally, pregnancy is a long and bumpy ride so knowing baby’s gender can help you picture life post-bump

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healthy bumps and babies

Beyond finding out the sex of the baby, there’s something more important – their health. For many parents-to-be, hoping for a healthy little bump is more important than wishing for a girl or a boy. After all, there’s always gender-neutral clothes and pastel wall paints. So, whether you choose to find out the gender of your new little arrival or decide to wait for the big reveal, here’s hoping your baby is happy and healthy either way.


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