secret stowaway: how to survive the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

12 weeks pregnant

The little stick's turned blue and now even your doctor has given you the thumbs up: you're a few weeks into your first pregnancy. It's completely your choice when you announce the exciting news, although many mums-to-be wait until after their first scan at 12 weeks to make sure everything's as it should be.

However, this does mean you need to keep your pregnancy under wraps for a couple of months, both at work or out with your friends. Here are a few of our top tips for surviving this secretive little part of your pregnancy.

going teetotal

If you're partial to a cocktail or two at after-work drinks, giving up alcohol can raise a few eyebrows among your friends. Thankfully, these days there are many delicious non-alcoholic mocktails and fizzy juices that look like the real deal. If you're not known for your acting skills, offer yourself up as the designated driver for the evening (and every other Friday night that month).

feeling funny about food

What you can and can't eat may seem like a minefield at first, but we've put together plenty of advice about healthy eating during pregnancy. Equally, you may start craving some crazy snacks or no longer like your favourite foods. Eating out might become a little tricky, so try sticking to plain and simple foods that you know.

cutting out the caffeine

There are plenty of hot and cold decaf drinks to choose from, and it's rare anyone would blink an eye when you make the switch. If you rely on your morning buzz to wake you up, adding energy-boosting foods like porridge and banana to your breakfast routine should help counteract your new caffeine deficiency.

coping with being 12 weeks pregnant

putting on a little bit around the middle

What with your growing little one and any changes in appetite you might be experiencing, chances are that you'll be gaining a few pounds around the middle. Don't worry, this is an absolutely normal part of pregnancy. It may be time to invest in some flowing elasticated tops and dresses that will keep you comfy until you need to make the switch to maternity wear.

feeling sleepy

All those hormones swirling around your body – and your new lack of caffeine – will make you feel more tired than usual, which could mean it's harder for you to concentrate at work. It’s unlikely your friends and colleagues will put it down to anything more than just a lack of energy. Whenever you feel exhausted, try taking a short nap, and start going to bed a bit earlier every night. 

morning sickness

Despite what its name suggests, morning sickness can strike at any time of the day. Some people compare it to a terrible hangover, while other lucky ones don’t experience it at all. If you're feeling the effects, eat mild snacks little and often, and keep away from hot and spicy foods. When that's not enough, see your doctor who might be able to prescribe you with some medication.

keeping your appointments

Even if you haven't told anyone yet, your pregnancy is still happening and needs your care and attention. Make sure you see the doctor or call in sick if you need to. Letting your manager in on your little secret might make this a bit easier.


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