sweet dreams: how to prepare a nursery

It’s official... your baby is well on their way. Hurrah! Your to-do list is growing by the day, but there's one job that you're really looking forward to: getting the nursery ready. Yes honestly – this is the fun part! Unleash your creativity and get stuck in. There's really no right or wrong way to do it, but there are a few little things to remember which will make your life easier in the long run.

thinking ahead: what furniture do i need?

When you're browsing the nursery furniture available, it's easy to get carried away. So many cute and colourful things to buy! But it pays to put a little thought into it before splashing out on the most adorable set. Always try to think beyond the first six months. You’ll want your nursery to go the distance – 'they grow up fast' may be a cliché, but it's true – so invest in multi-functional pieces.

Nursery furniture

A dresser with a removable changing tray does two jobs in one, while nursery wardrobes with extra shelves allow you to tuck toys and discarded clothes away at the end of the day (thank me later). Baby cot beds with removable sides can be converted into toddler beds, so they’ll last longer than a crib.

Feeding means a bit of juggling at the best of times. So make sure you’re prepared whatever time of day – or night (who knew 4am was such a peaceful hour) with a comfy nursing chair and a side table stocked up with muslins and dummies. Soft furnishings like throws and cushions make things cosy and relaxing. That's hygge to you and me.

how to choose your nursery décor: what about colours and themes?

Top tip for decoration? Build around a theme. Whether you pick your curtains or paint first, stick with it for a coordinated look. We know, it's easy to get carried away...especially if your mantra is 'the brighter the better' – talking from experience here. Although you might be tempted to paint in bold primary colours, hold yourself back first and think about what you want. A neutral palette (pale cream or soft yellow) might be more soothing for baby (and you'll be grateful for calming decor after a while too!).

Nursery decor

If all that sounds far too sensible for you arty-crafty types, you can satisfy your inner designer and go as crazy as you want with bright splashes of colour with bunting or rugs. Tip – a darker rug might help cover up any inevitable baby-made stains! Also, it’s easy to swap these as your child gets older.

Don’t forget the ceiling – your oh so little one will spend the majority of their first year on their back, so hanging decorations like mobiles and cute glow-in-the-dark stars make ideal focal points for their budding little imagination.

big ideas for little bedrooms: how do i make the most of my space?

If you've already had your baby shower (who knew nappies could be so much fun!), you'll have an inkling as to just how much STUFF a baby needs. Smart storage means less clutter, which you’ll be more than grateful for when baby comes along. You don’t need tons of space, but if you have a smaller nursery, it pays to think 'outside the box' (or rather, inside it). Under-bed boxes are great for tidying away nappies and spare sleepsuits, while hanging baskets on the wall keep floor space free for changing and the joys of learning to crawl. Get some dividers for your dresser drawers too, to keep everything neat and organised.

Nursery storage

If you have a baby and toddler sharing a room, you can create a dedicated nursery corner so that your older child still has their own space. Hanging racks or hooks for toys can save you tripping over Big Ted in the night. With a bit of planning and some finishing touches, you'll soon have a nursery that'll keep your little family dreaming sweetly as they grow up.


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