grand designs: how to plan your nursery layout

When they first arrive, your newborn might happily fit in the crook of your arm. Don't be fooled: even tiny babies tend to take up plenty of space (both in our hearts and our homes) – what with all those sleeping, changing and feeding essentials.

To make the most of the room you have, here are a few nursery furniture layout ideas to inspire your nesting plans.

large room: plenty of space for little extras

With plenty of space, it's easy to solve all your nursery furniture needs in one swoop. Have a look at three-piece nursery furniture sets (these usually include a cot bed, a nursery wardrobe and a chest of drawers). Then, add a stand-alone changing table so you have a comfy place to tend to those full nappies. In an empty corner, pop a nursing chair ready for night-time rocking and cuddling sessions with your little one as they feed.

small room: a cosy spot for growing babes

Even the teeniest of rooms can be transformed with the right baby nursery furniture. When it comes to finding the best nursery layout for a small room, keep it to the bare essentials: try a baby cot set that comes with a storage drawer underneath for starters. A cot top changer is a handy addition too. Set on the cot railings, it creates a sturdy changing surface without taking up any extra room.

sharing is caring: in with the parents

It's easy to make a cosy corner for baby in the master bedroom. Choose a bedside cot bed to make midnight feeds (and sneaky snuggles) easier. A floor changing mat can be rolled up and put away when it's not in use, so your space still feels like your own.

brotherly (or sisterly) love: in with a sibling

Bunking with a new sibling is all about finding a good balance (and minimising on clutter). A cot bed with a cot top changer is all you really need. Add some extra storage for sleepsuits and baby toys, or pick a cot with drawers already built in. That way there won't be any tantrums about baby taking over!

However you decide to decorate, just remember the essentials. A cot bed for sleeping, a place to change those countless nappies and somewhere to store clothes and toys.

Check out some more ideas for your nursery layout with our handy infographic below!

nursery layout infographic


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