40 weeks and more: that pregnancy glow

I think most people will agree that the first trimester is their least favourite. You hear about it a lot. Whether it’s in the films or corny TV shows, that ever so famous pregnancy glow. I don’t know about anyone else but my glow is green and it’s not a glow at all - it is sweat from vomiting all day. The worst part of morning sickness for me being only 8 weeks was having to announce my pregnancy early. Both to mine and Stephen’s parents and also to work due to suffering from hyperemesis. There was no way I could have hidden it for another 4 weeks and surprise everyone with the ultrasound photo like I wanted. I felt like such a huge and special moment was taken away from me and I found that really hard to deal with.

when morning sickness isn't normal morning sickness

Hyperemesis is NOT just your run-of-the-mill morning sickness. Let me tell ya, it puts your ridiculous man flu to shame! It can be extremely severe and a real concern for both mum and baby. Thankfully I was prescribed some magical pills which helped and meant I didn’t need to be hospitalised. I wanted nothing more than an easy and enjoyable pregnancy just like every mum-to-be. Alas, here I am writing this in bed with a puke bowl to my left and some half-eaten toast from this morning to my right. And all with a very full bladder, as I’m genuinely too exhausted and sick to move.

food and drugs for morning sickness

As this is my first pregnancy I thought maybe the sickness was all normal and what I’ve always heard about. But I was starting to see why everybody was getting so worried about me. I was losing weight instead of gaining it. Which was weird for me anyway let alone losing weight while being pregnant! Side note: I cannot tell you how many times I heard the word ginger in the last few weeks. I’m not going to lie, ginger is the nastiest thing I’ve ever smelled, eaten and drunk! Believe me, I tried all the ginger remedies with no success. The only time I wasn’t vomiting was when I was sleeping. Even water made me gag, hell, even my own spit did sometimes.

So many, many things made me want to be sick - here’s just some of the list:

The smell of: my favourite perfumes, deodorant, Stephen’s aftershave, KFC, my hamsters' bedding, car air fresheners, cleaning products, flowers, any food cooking, my freshly washed hair, coffee (and I bloody love coffee)
The taste of: all fast food, toothpaste, anything spicy or anything sweet (plain chocolate mostly)
The texture of: all fruit (especially bananas), milk, fresh juice and yoghurt
The look of: yes, the look of raw and cooked meat
And: forget travelling in a car or even moving in general

I’m a fussy eater at the best of times so as you can imagine this didn’t leave me with much to work with! I basically survived on what little dry toast and bagels I could keep down but of course, it couldn’t be too crunchy or brown or too soft.

stephen: my real pregnancy glow

I guess, for now, my pregnancy glow will be the feeling I get when seeing Stephen walk through the door. The poor man who has felt so powerless and confused, I must say a massive thank you to him for all he’s done. Keep in mind we’re only at week 8 of 40! He comes home from work empties my sick bowls, cleans up a disastrous living room from the kids playing, cooks us all dinner, washes up, helps bathe me, gets me dressed and passes me everything that is even slightly out of my reach. Its times like this where I know I have chosen the right human being to share everything with... Whether it’s to the top of the world to the downright ghastly.

40 weeks and more: freya and stephen


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