40 weeks and more: my birth story

i had a baby - and it didn’t hurt!

Give me a minute to pinch myself because I still can’t quite believe the title is true. After 39 weeks of waiting the moment finally came and I gave birth to a real human baby!

Through most of my pregnancy, the thought of delivery scared the life out of me, so much so that I always pushed it to the back of my mind and refused to talk about it. I didn’t attend one antenatal class because my thinking was - you can be as prepared for birth as you want but life has its own plan and I don’t know anybody who’s ‘birth plan’ actually went to plan – so in true Freya style I decided to wing the entire thing.

We’ve all seen the shows on TV where the women scare the life out of you and make you say “I’m never having kids” when they’re only 2 or 3 centimetres, and all I heard during pregnancy from other women was that it’s the most painful thing in the world. Well not for me. Granted, it was pretty uncomfortable at times but not really painful at all.

Early labour kicked in at around 2am Monday morning and I did everything they say you should do; stayed calm and went to bed as my body was apparently about to run a marathon. Things were still the same in the morning, so I kept myself busy. I managed to do a load of washing, I even painted my toe nails, cleaned our house and re-packed the hospital bag just to make sure. My contractions were about 6 minutes apart and by the time Stephen got home from work they were 3 minutes apart so we decided to call the hospital who told us to come in. They didn’t even examine me they just assumed that as I wasn’t in any pain that I was still in very early labour despite my contractions being so frequent, and of course we got sent home.

this is where my birth story gets a little interesting!

After being sent home and feeling a little deflated that tonight might not be the night we meet our daughter, we went to bed. I was in and out of sleep for what felt like an eternity, only waking for my contractions which reached a peak and calmed down but didn’t fully stop and I was just breathing through them (completely ignoring the timing – stupid I know, but I had been contracting for about 30 hours at this point and was quite frankly just bored!).

It’s now 7am and the contractions are definitely getting stronger. I woke Stephen up and told him we needed to go back to the hospital fearing that we waited too long, as my body was now actually pushing! As soon as I stood up out of bed my waters broke and her head dropped right down immediately! This is when shit hit the fan (not literally – I know how birth stories can be!) and my calmness well and truly went out the window! The amount of pressure I felt was just too intense that I had to lay back down… and straight up refuse to move at all. I knew my baby was coming sooner than anybody would believe and it was rush hour traffic outside! There was NO way we would have made it in time and I was NOT having my baby in a Suzuki Swift.

ready or not, here she comes!

The only way of getting me to hospital was in an ambulance. Side note: people told me “there could be a circus in the room and you will not care!” And oh man, you guys where right! My entire pregnancy I was more worried about strangers being all up in my hoo-haa than anything else! But two male paramedics walk into our bedroom and that’s the first thing they see – I did not care at all!

Ten minutes later after being forced into an ambulance, we're in the birthing centre where my midwife tells me she's going to examine. As my waters had broken, they couldn’t send me home again but she thought I’d probably only be 2-3 centimetres dilated. So she put on her gloves to check me but didn't even need touch me; she could see the head! 13 minutes and 3 pushes later, out came our little girl!

I would like to say a special thank you to those two paramedics for getting me to the hospital in 7 minutes during rush hour and for keeping me calm as they manhandled me into the ambulance (yes I argued with them about moving too). Also to my Midwife and her student for getting my baby girl out safely. All in all I had an amazing pregnancy, a pretty incredible labour and delivery, and a truly perfect daughter who has been a breastfeeding pro from day one and actually sleeps at night!

Ottilie Ella James | 05.09.17 | 9:19am | 6lbs 8oz

Freya's birth story about baby Ottilie


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