40 weeks and more: getting comfortable during pregnancy

To put it bluntly, you can't... or at least I couldn't. Though completely incredible, pregnancy has been the most uncomfortable journey of my life (and I've been forced to go on walking holidays). I struggled with so many things during pregnancy from being uncomfortable physically and emotionally. Pregnancy introduces a whole heap of different aches and pains in places I’ve never noticed before.

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So here are a few of my tips for getting comfortable during pregnancy AKA helping ease the discomforts of creating another human being:

maternity clothes

Even if you don’t think you need them yet – you do! My ‘normal’ jeans seemed to get snug real fast! And with everything else my body was throwing at me, it just wasn’t worth the discomfort. I went straight out and looked in some of my favourite pre-pregnancy shops and in every single one struggled to find their maternity section. It seems maternity shopping is an online thing (but that's another rant for another day).

I bought maternity clothes from New Look, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins and they weren’t comfy in the slightest! The bump bands in the jeans had little to no stretch and would go out of shape after a single wear and fell down every time I bent over. Some of them I’m sure weren’t even maternity – being MORE uncomfortable than my regular jeans.

I felt defeated… that was until I tried on Mothercare jeans. Firstly, they look good, I remember Mothercare being frumpy and a bit mumsy, well not anymore! I have a pair of boyfriend jeans, straight cut, a few pairs of super skinny jeans and a killer pair of acid wash biker jeans! They certainly trump anywhere else on style. And ranging from £20-£30! Six pairs later, my bank account (and my fiancé) weren’t happy, but – you get what you pay for and comfort is key. Trust me they are the Cinderella glass slipper of jeans!

pregnancy pillow

I put off buying a pregnancy pillow because they seemed so expensive, and I honestly didn’t think it would help in the slightest! I had made a pillow fort around myself which didn’t help so why would anything else? One night while twisting and turning in bed (a whale leaping out of the water is probably a more accurate description) trying to figure out why in the world I couldn’t manage to find a comfortable position – I decided it was time and forked out the £48 on a dreamgenii pillow.

Before I was waking up what felt like a billion times in the night due to the aching in my back and hips and the feeling that my ribs were overlapping one another… and to pee of course! While I’m still getting up to pee in the night (someone invent a pillow for that!) I’ve noticed a significant difference in how often I wake up in the night as well as overall comfort. I still don’t know how it could be so different my genius pillow fortress I used before, but it is and I don’t know how I ever lived without one!

If like me, you work in an office you’ll learn quickly that office furniture is not made for pregnant women, so get yourself a wedge pillow it has saved my life at work and also making me sit upright which gives my baby and my lungs more breathing room, literally! Needing a pillow might seem very trivial and a bit like ‘first world problems’ but comfort in pregnancy is SO important for you and your unborn baby. It is truly worth the investment.

snack stash

I might be alone here, but if I go more than 2 hours without eating anything I start feeling sick. After suffering from HG in the first trimester of pregnancy I now really HATE feeling sick so I try and avoid it at all costs by keeping a little snack stash on me at all times – my handbag is every child’s dream! I work during the day and so I also have a not so secret stash in my drawer with mini cheddars and chocolate. I’ve noticed it’s better for heartburn, indigestion, and just overall health during your pregnancy to eat small meals throughout the day rather than the norm three big meals.

As for general discomforts and things we cannot avoid like those kung fu rib kicks and endless trips to the toilet. I’ve found that it's not my baby's activity that makes me uncomfortable, it's her size! The kicks to my bladder are the most uncomfortable but if I do my Kegels, she usually shifts and kicks a less sensitive spot. And when she’s straight up having an aerobics session, I rub my belly which seems to calm her down, or I’ll go for a drive in the car and that normally sends her to sleep.

And my top tip is as annoying as it is, go to the bathroom so, so often. I feel a lot less pressure and discomfort with an empty bladder. It’s always worth going, even if you’ve finally got comfy in bed.

Those are my top tips for getting comfortable during pregnancy and just what simply worked for me! Leave a comment below on what helped you – maybe there’s something I still NEED to know!

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