whats and whys of baby showers

The arrival of a new little addition is a wonderful time and certainly cause for celebration. Cue the party poppers and baby showers. Born into 1930s America, they were originally called stork parties thanks to a little folk story about bundles being delivered on the wings of a bird. Nowadays their name better reflects the true star of the show; the growing bump!

Since they started, the popularity of baby showers has grown faster than you can change a nappy. They’ve even made the journey across the pond to the UK. But what exactly are baby showers?

Gathering family and friends close, baby showers are the perfect way for loved ones to share in the joyous news, show their support and indulge expectant mums (and dads) with presents. Little bumps get lots of gifts too so they have the best welcome into the world. On the day of the party (which is normally organised by a trusted friend), there’s often themed decorations and food, fun baby shower games and a lot of laughs too. In essence, showers are just one big celebration!

You may think that answers the whats and whys of baby showers, but we wanted to dig deeper. After all, they’re more popular than ever and show no sign of stopping their growth spurt (unlike babies everywhere!). That’s why we surveyed mums, dads, family and friends to find out all the baby shower secrets. Why do expectant parents really throw a shower? Who makes it onto the guestlist? And, of course, there’s the sometimes-tricky topic of gifts. So, without further ado, here are their thoughts on the all-important bump celebration.

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There you have it; all the important whats and whys of baby showers courtesy of those in the know! From expectant parents to party planners and all the guests in between, we hope you’ve enjoyed our shower insights. If you’re stumped for baby shower gifts or need some inspiration to plan the perfect celebration, we’ve got you covered. All that’s left to say is congratulations to you mums and dads in the making, and good luck for the wonderful, tiring and oh-so special journey ahead.


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