made for little miracles: the story of our new premature baby clothes

New premature baby clothes gift set

Every newborn is as precious as the next but some arrivals need a little extra TLC. For babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, the chances of requiring additional care are increased. That’s where neonatal units come in, to look after premature babies when they need it most.

For preemie parents, there can be challenges that no mum or dad expects to face. From wrapping their heads around complex medical conditions to the delicate job of changing someone so tiny, there can be difficult days. But a little support can go a long way. To help make those early days a bit easier, we offer a dedicated range of premature clothing. Designed with the help of Bliss, the UK’s leading charity for premature babies, every piece is made with little miracles in mind.

improving our premature baby clothes with bliss

Our journey with Bliss started more than 10 years ago and we’ve been so proud to support their amazing work in that time. With their expert guidance, we’ve developed our premature baby clothes to better meet the needs of every little fighter and their families. Of course, we couldn’t have done so without also speaking to those we hoped to help; their feedback was invaluable.

Reaching out to professionals and parents of premature babies, we wanted to understand what they felt was missing from our range and the changes they’d like to see. Their thoughtful answers helped us reflect on the needs of their littlest arrival at every stage, and the new collection began to take shape.

Close-up of our new premature baby clothes

As all the ideas travelled with us to a Bliss conference, we shared our previous designs and new inspirations with neonatal nurses from across the UK. Spurred on by their expert comments and positive feedback, we stitched the collection together (using only the softest cotton) and proudly showcased the pieces at our Spring Summer 2019 Press Show. The response was incredibly touching to say the least; everyone adored the range and parents felt moved to share their premature baby stories with us. We couldn’t have hoped for more.

growing the premature collection

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the most difference, and for many parents that’s the extension of the range into smaller sizes. Though precious preemies tend to wear only a hat and nappy in the early days, they soon find themselves in need of little layers. That’s why our new premature collection starts at 2lb, to make sure even the tiniest of miracles feel snug as their delicate skin rests against flat seams and soft fastenings.

Another addition to our range of premature baby clothes is a gorgeous selection of strong and emotive slogans which many mums and dads said they would love to see. Accompanied by beautiful prints and new neutral greys, we hope they will be a small reminder of just how tiny but mighty your baby is. After all, the collection is there to support you and your family from the very beginning.

the story of one such family

For Jade (mother of all adventures) and her partner, the need for premature baby clothing takes no convincing. Together they have a wonderful brood of five children, three of whom were born prematurely. Their newest arrival, Forrest, was 7 weeks early and weighed just over 4lb. Thankfully their little man was strong and healthy, but it was still nothing shy of an emotional rollercoaster for the whole family.

Preemie mum Jade and son Forrest sporting our premature baby clothes

One of the hardest things for Jade was seeing each of her little miracles hooked up to beeping machines and leaving them in hospital once she was discharged, but she says that having something as simple as a tiny vest to wrap around the wires helped make it all seem a little more normal.

As mum to three premature babies, Jade knows all too well the worry of caring for something so tiny. She wanted to share these words of support and encouragement with other preemie parents:

“Remember, that is your baby there; don’t be worried to ask questions or ask to hold them. If you want to stay all night long, then do it! You can still change your baby’s nappy and touch their tiny hands."

"Be brave, mummy and daddy.”

Whether, like Jade, your little miracle has a low birthweight or is born with a medical condition, we hope our new premature clothing range will help you take care of your baby from the day they arrive. If you need some support along your journey, Bliss are on hand to help with a range of services for families of premature and sick babies.


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