safety week: learning baby first aid

Life with a baby is busy and keeping up with everything our baby needs, quite often on less sleep than we need, can be hard.

We also find ourselves with lots more jobs to do for our baby. Like, how can one small person create so much laundry?! Between visitors, often-new friends, baby classes and trying to grab a moment for ourselves, we often find that we’re running out of time.

Someone who knows that all too well is Kate Ball, Founder of Mini First Aid and mum of SIX little ones, including two sets of twins! The tasks are endless!

“I find myself constantly busy managing small people, doing the laundry, tidying up, preparing meals, trying to still see my friends and to get a bit of me time. However many babies you have, time pressure is a real issue and I totally get that.”

As part of our safety week, we chatted to Kate about why making time for learning first aid is so important.

parents learning baby first aid

why do you think parents should make time for learning first aid?

“So many mums, dads, grandparents and carers come to our classes because, when something has gone wrong, they’ve found themselves wishing they had learnt basic first aid. Instead, they’ve had to rely on others at the scene or frantically try to get help. No one ever likes to think about something going wrong - the time with our baby should be happy, fun and rewarding. But it’s important to be prepared.”

what first aid topics are important for parents and carers to learn?

“Baby first aid can be overwhelming, but if you focus on the basic essentials that’s a great place to start. Make sure you know how to check if your baby is breathing, how to give CPR to a baby, how to deal with a choking baby and what to do if your baby has a bump, break or is burnt.”

what is the best way to learn baby first aid?

“I would always recommend attending a class - look for a group that allows you to get practical experience as well as providing the instruction. You can then support your learning by downloading a British Red Cross or St John Ambulance baby first aid app, and most importantly keeping your skills up to date by attending regular first aid refresher classes."

how does the time-pressed family find time for learning first aid?

“Find a class where you can take the baby along too. You learn, baby is entertained and, if they did the laundry for you, surely that would be every box ticked! Seriously though, babies and young children are so precious, so making sure you know what to do in a medical emergency has to be at the top of every parent’s priority list.”

parents learning baby first aid

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