tricks, treats and treasure hunts: ideas for spooktacular kids' halloween parties

The nights are drawing in, which can only mean one thing… Halloween is just around the corner. Yep, this is officially your excuse to don that witch's hat and listen to the Monster Mash. Sorry, we mean with your kids. If you have a few little monsters of your own, this spooky night is the perfect time for a Halloween party full of magical games, cobwebby costumes, tricks and treats that will make your little ones gasp and giggle. Here are a few of my best Halloween party ideas.

devilishly good décor: halloween decorations

Prepping your home for fright night doesn’t need to be a shock to your bank account. Make your front door spooky yet welcoming with a trail of fairy lights, or place a (friendly) carved pumpkin on your doorstep. After all, with kids in tow, you don’t want to go too scary! Inside, spread cotton wool to make soft spider webs and dot around a few pumpkins and balloons – in orange and black, of course – to complete your colourful haunted house.

Want to go the extra mile? The shops are full of Halloween decorations right now. Just remember to be age-appropriate when filling your basket. For younger ones, ghosts with silly faces will be much less nightmare-inducing than zombies.

Kids in Halloween costumes

Why not host a pre-party Halloween crafts session for your kids? Have a go at making bat garlands or paper witches hats. Both are low effort and you only need coloured card, glue and maybe a touch of glitter. Don’t forget to find some Halloween music for kids, too! While your little ones will love bopping around to Ghostbusters, these golden oldies are sure to get the parents grooving.

a frightful feast: halloween food for kids

What do you feed a mob of little zombies? Brains! Just joking… Normal party platter treats can be made spooky with a simple twist. Peel a satsuma, add a celery stalk and et voilá: you have an edible pumpkin… AND you’ve just tricked the kids into eating fruit! Dirt cupcakes are just as easy. Top a chocolate muffin with crumbled chocolate cookie pieces and sour worms.

All of that Monster Mashing is going to leave your gruesome guests thirsty, so try knocking up some putrid punch. Fill a large bowl with juice (preferably something red) and drop in chewy goodies in the shapes of spiders, bugs… you get where this is going.

ghoulish giggles: fun halloween party games

Prep a few Halloween games for kids before the party starts. The ghoulish guessing game always works a treat. Fill bowls with different foods – the slimier the better – blindfold a little monster and get them guessing. Spaghetti, jelly or brains? Who knows!

Little boy decorating a pumpkin

For a calm activity, set up a pumpkin decorating station. Forget carving and get the paints out instead. This also gives your guests something to take home with them. Or, let them loose with a loo roll and see who can make the most impressive mummy costume.

Top tip… designate a quiet room – and a non-costumed adult – for little ones to retreat to if the spooky festivities get a little too much. Put a film on to give them a well-deserved time out from all the tricks and treats. Once they've had a bit of a break, they'll be back to having some fang-tastic fun in no time! Now where did we put that cauldron...


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