how to plan the best easter egg hunt

It’s that wonderful time of year again when our favourite bunny gets his hop on. As a self-confessed chocolate fiend, I always look forward to Easter! While I now get my sugar fix straight from supermarket shelves, I still have fond memories of many an Easter egg hunt as a kid. What could be better than racing around the garden to solve the clues and find hidden gems! And I’m sure it made the chocolate all the more sweet because we’d earned it.

If you’ve never organised one, you may be wondering how you can put on the best Easter egg hunt. Naturally it’s got to be fun and have plenty of rewards along the way. After all, it may be rare for your fledglings to lose interest when there’s sweet treats at stake, but it has been known to happen! As well as getting them moving, a good Easter egg hunt also puts their mental cogs in motion. As learning motivators go, chocolate is definitely up there.

So, the time has come to put on your best bunny ears for your flock of little lambs. With a little planning, you’ll be just a hop, skip and jump away from the best Easter egg hunt! I won’t leave all the hard(-boiled) legwork to you though. Here are my ideas for some garden games and cryptic clues to keep your chicks entertained.

Isla and Scarlett on an Easter egg hunt

hatching a plan for the best easter egg hunt

Like any undercover mission, a surprise Easter egg hunt takes a bit of planning. Of course, we all know the essential ingredient is chocolate but where’s the fun in just giving it to them? Making it egg-citing (sorry!) doesn’t have to be a hassle though. Here are a few things to consider to make sure your Easter antics don’t crack under pressure:

• How many chicks will be around and how old are they? You may need two sets of clues for different ages.
• Will you need a helping hand? If you’ve got additional feet running around, you may need extra adult hands too!
• Where will you hide the eggs? Easter egg hunts are made for the garden but have a back-up plan in case of rain.
• How will you keep it fair? To avoid tantrums, you could colour code the eggs or share them out at the end.
• What treats will you use? Why not get inventive with non-edible gifts, like small toys, fuzzy chicks or stickers.

egg-cellent garden games

If Spring has sprung and the sun is out, get ready for some garden games. Any open space will do (permission and supervision permitting) so go ahead and scout out some hiding places. From bushes to plant pots and garden sheds to dried up drain pipes, there’s secret spots aplenty. Then it’s time to let the games begin…

Your Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to involve chocolate so why not decorate your own eggs for hiding? Or you could get creative with dressing up clothes instead. Find, buy or make a few bunny ears, tails, noses and bow ties and hide them around the garden. Make cards with the letters needed to spell out the items before your little ones hunt for them. And then put them on of course! It makes spelling fun and provides a perfect photo opportunity.

Scarlett cuddling a bunny in her homemade hat

hopping around the house

On cloudy days or for those without access to open space, there’s plenty you can do inside. With all the wardrobes and cupboards, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you nestle your eggs away. Indoors is actually the perfect place to play this next game which uses everyday items and the alphabet. Just another opportunity to make learning fun.

Start by thinking of an item for each letter of the alphabet and a clue to match. Finding each item in alphabetical order leads them to their next clue and so on. For instance, “Your letter for the Easter Bunny goes in here” would be envelope. Inside that you hide a clue for something beginning with F, like “You use this with a knife to eat”. (Hint, it’s a fork.) And if you don’t have an item for every letter, ask them for the answer and hand over their next clue.

top tips for happy egg hunting

Hopefully you now have plenty of ideas for putting on the best Easter egg hunt your kids have ever seen. There’s lots of egg-cellent games to play and different ways to work their brains, as well as their running feet. So as you sit back and relax with a hot cross bun or some chocolate of your own, remember these top tips for happy bunnies:

• Make note of the location of every clue or egg as you hide them or you might have to join the hunt later!
• Keep spare prizes or chocolate on hand for last minute additions. You don’t want anyone to feel left out.
• Use a range of prizes, not just chocolate. This keeps your little ones guessing and reduces the sugar rush!
• If you are using small edible treats, make sure kids are sitting down to eat (not running around in excitement).
• Prepare your clues, egg-fillers and other supplies in advance so you can relax before the big Easter egg hunt.

Isla searching the garden on an Easter egg hunt

Last but not least, don’t let the kids have all the fun! Why not hide a few prizes for the adults to indulge in too and make sure you put your feet up after all your hard work. No matter where the treasure trail takes your family this Easter, I hope your egg hunt leaves your little bunnies hopping for joy this Spring.

As written by Rhi


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