from one bundle to another: supporting parents with our gift a bundle campaign

Gift a bundle clothesline

It’s time to rummage in your wardrobe and dust off the boxes in the loft because #GiftABundle is back! After starting out in just 13 mothercare stores last year, we’re now rolling out this fantastic campaign to 42 branches. That means it’s easier than ever to get involved and give something special in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

If you don’t know what the Gift a Bundle campaign is about, just look to the name. It’s a celebration of parenthood that encourages mums and dads to gift a bundle of clothes that can be passed on to local families. What better way to welcome them to the club? And while we know that a lot of your stored baby clothes may be woven with sentimental value, that’s what makes gifting them extra special.

Last year, we worked with environmental charity Hubbub to collect an amazing 2,000 bundles! That means around 20,000 pieces of clothing were gifted to families who could enjoy and benefit from your generosity. This year we both want to help even more parents and babies in need by collecting over 65,000 items. That may be a big target but we know that it’s reachable with your support. Not only will the recipients thank you, so will your cupboards!

why we love the gift a bundle campaign

Let’s be honest; parenting isn’t always easy and we all need a helping hand sometimes. That’s where Gift a Bundle comes in. With the average family spending £11,000 on children’s clothing alone, receiving a bundle of items can mean the world. Along with clothes, parents also benefit from heartfelt messages left inside. These personal touches provide words of support and encouragement from gifter to giftee, joining families together across the country.

from one mum to another, how to gift a bundle

What also makes the Gift a Bundle campaign really special is its commitment to your community. With the help of local groups, charities and organisations, the gifts are distributed to those close to home. That means your neighbour down the road that you wave to or perhaps a friend of a friend will be better off thanks to your bundle.

Just as important as the benefit to families is the benefit to the environment. You see, the Gift a Bundle campaign also aims to reduce our textile waste by extending the lifespan of our clothes. After all, we know how fast those tiny tots can grow up and some outfits may only be worn a couple of times! So by providing advice to parents on the best way to care for children’s clothes and encouraging them to gift them on, the environment also benefits.

how to get involved and #giftabundle

With 42 stores to choose from, it’s easy to pick up your bundle bag and delve into your cupboards. From fluffy sleepsuits to matching sets, all good quality items are welcome. Once you’ve filled your bag with six – ten pieces of outgrown clothing perfect for babies from premature to three years, don’t forget the best bit - the gift tag. This is your chance to impart words of wisdom, share a baby anecdote or simply wish the giftee good luck.

Clothes donated through gift a bundle

Before you drop off your bundle, don’t forget to take a picture. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your little one involved as they sit with their outgrown clothes and look incredibly cute. Then get sharing with #GiftABundle and help encourage others to clear out their lofts! All that’s left is to drop your bundle off at the collection point in one of our participating stores by 11th March so they can be gifted on from Mother’s Day.

If you’re willing to part with more quality items than can fit in the bag or have found some more worn pieces, don’t bury them back away. There are many ways you can recycle old clothes or gift them on without needing a bundle bag. Perhaps someone in your family has recently given birth and won’t mind tackling the odd baby stain. Or you could organise a clothes swap for your friends with children of different ages. As long as they don't end up in the bin!

from one growing bundle to another

There’s undoubtedly something special about baby clothes and the memories they inspire. When our little bundles grow up so fast, it’s easy to understand why so many parents hold on to them. But not every bodysuit or pair of joggers is brimming with sentiment. Maybe you bought a party outfit that only got worn once or a pair of shorts that quickly became too small? Those are the bundle-perfect pieces that will support parents as their family grows.

Gift a bundle donation

So, dig out those dusty boxes and get sharing. Whether you #GiftABundle or pass outgrown clothes onto your friends, don’t let them go to waste. Just like a once-loved toy swept under the bed, they deserve to be enjoyed for years to come. After all, no parent should ever be without support and this is a wonderful way to help.


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