behind the scenes of little bird by jools' winter photo shoot with me, myself and ivy

There are three things in life that I simply adore – my children, Christmas and Little Bird By Jools. Put these three together in the most glorious townhouse in Central London on a July afternoon, and chuck in a pain au chocolat or two and that’s my heaven right there. Unbelievably, this is exact scenario actually happened when we were invited to come along to the official shoot for Little Bird’s AW17 Christmas Campaign and it was even more amazing than I could have imagined.

Behind the Scenes Little Bird Christmas Photo Shoot

It is unbelievable how much work goes into these things before, during and after the actual shoot and it was fab to see so many of the creative processes come to life – with a career background in styling and outfit building, this was my particular favourite part but this was also my first proper look at the new collection and it was lovely to see it all in flesh, on real people right from the off.

Getting clothes ready for Little Bird Photo Shoot Eskimo Kisses Little Bird Clothes

As always, the range boasts rainbow brights, perfect Christmas Eve pyjamas and this year, eskimo kisses which are all just wonderful for winter. After having a very lengthy nose through the freshly steamed rail, it was time to get to cracking. The set house couldn’t have been a more fitting location for a festive family home and the prop team had done a gorgeous job of getting the house brand-ready. We started off in the morning with the newborns in the cosiest and most colourful bedroom, laden with retro toys and fairy lights – exactly where you’d love to wake up on Christmas morning.

Fun on the Little Bird Photo Shoot

Little Bird Behind the Scenes Photo Cuddles on the Little Bird Winter Shoot

It was in the afternoon though where the fun really began with six pretty lively kids literally rockin’ around the Christmas tree in the ultimate of parties hosted by photographer ‘Uncle Sam’. Amongst the ukulele playing, tree decorating and a lot of dancing (lead of course by Little Miss Ivy) were three outfit changes each, hair to be combed and a very special family shot including a new adult sweater.

Taking direction on Little Bird Photo Shoot Children dancing on the Little Bird Photo Shoot

It felt so incredibly special to be involved in such a hugely important process for a brand that has become far more than ‘just a clothes addiction’ to us. This truly sums up what Little Bird is all about and we have never been prouder to be part of this wonderful family and the amazing journey they have been on in the past 5 years – I’d love to finish off by saying that’s the greatest gift of all but actually, getting hold of those Santa PJs in adult sizes would be even better.

by Amy, Me Myself and Ivy

Me, Myself and Ivy on the Little Bird photo shoot


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