avengers assemble: superhero dress up

You don’t need to be a film buff to know that Avengers: Infinity War is coming out soon. Everywhere I look I see adverts or the trailer playing. Not that I’m complaining, I’ll happily look at Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Pratt for hours on end. Hunky men aside, I am actually a fan of Marvel movies, as is my little one who also loves any excuse for some superhero dress up.

Unfortunately, what I am not, is a seamstress. So, when they come to me with dreams of dressing up as their favourite superhero, I struggle to whip up a costume. Ask anyone in the office who’s seen my icing; my artistic skills are more playgroup than Pinterest. And while there are seemingly endless kids costumes available to buy, it can be cheaper - and more fun - to make one of our own!

Perhaps, like me, you also lack the creative knack. Fear not, my fumbling fingered friends, I have put together some of the easiest Marvel superhero dress up ideas I could conjure. While a lot of superheroes have "man" in their name, all these ideas are great for little boys or girls. After all, there’s nothing wrong with putting the shoe on the other tiny foot!

Superhero dress up as the Hulk

benefits of superhero dress up

Putting on a cape can work just as well as a spider bite for turning your tot into a superhero! Aside from being lots of fun, superhero dress up offers lots of benefits for your child. Action packed adventures are a great way to keep little Daredevils physically active and tire them out. Playing pretend lets them deal with issues and negotiate their problems in a safe, pretend space. If your tot is a bit on the shy side, they get the chance to try on a powerful persona that could give them the confidence to express their feelings.

If you’re lucky, all your costume making efforts might result in your own little sidekick. We all know that superheroes love to help. Maybe your mini Captain America can use their super strength to lift all their toys and put them away. Although Iron Man can’t help with the ironing, they can use their superior smarts to find all the matching pairs of socks.

Re-enacting action scenes once in their superhero dress up is lots of fun, but it’s important to make sure that your little protector doesn’t turn into a tiny terror. Heroes aren’t super because of their strength. It is their bravery, kindness and sense of responsibility that we admire. Encourage your child to channel their inner Dr Strange to trick the bad guy and save the day! Remind them that it is never ok to hit or harm others, and keep an eye on pretend weaponry – Hawkeye's arrows can do some serious damage to younger siblings, or your favourite lamp!

Superhero dress up as the Hulk

making the most of what you've got

Not all superhero dress up costumes require a trip to the shops. Some great outfits can be made using items you may already have in your child’s wardrobe. For an amazing Spider-Man look, pull out the red and blue tops, tees, bottoms and socks. Grab a black pen and simply draw the spider and its web on the tee. If you don’t want to ruin their clothing, you could do the same with some black tape. Just be sure to peel it off before washing! The same method works for a cute Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel costume. Cut out a star or lightning bolt, stick it to a top or dress and throw on a cape!

One of the easiest options on my list is a Black Widow costume. Pull out some black leggings, a black top (zip up if you have it) and accessorise with some super spy accessories like a utility belt and wristband. Pop on a red wig for the classic Marvel look, or a blonde one for an Infinity War style finish!

the importance of accessorising

Some of our favourite superheroes are not known best for their costumes, but their amazing accessories!

Comic book fanatics will know that there was also a female Thor who was able to wield Mjolnir. So, whether you have a little lad or a lass, they can enjoy playing the God or Goddess of Thunder. For your own enchanted hammer, a kitchen roll tube with a tissue box on top can be painted to create a convincing, less dangerous, replica. Pair a black top with blue bottoms, and tie on a red cape, and they’ll be Asgard as gold.

Captain America is rarely seen without his signature shield, and your little one can easily Avengers assemble their own with a paper plate. Stencil on the outline for them, then they can fill it in with some red, white and blue paint. Attach a strap and they’ll be ready to take on Hydra!


when in doubt, paint

Sometimes the simplest, and most fun, costumes involve getting messy with some paint! Perhaps your little one is capable of Hulk-like tantrums. On days when they’re less Bruce Banner, more green monster, why not bust out the purple shorts and green tee? Top it off by coating them in lots of child-safe green face paint, and you’ll have a smashing superhero dress up look! If you have some paint left over, pop on a black top and leggings and a red wig for a great Gamora costume!

If you’re feeling super organised, you could try and coordinate with some other parents to create your own little crime-fighting crew. What could be cuter than some mini Avengers or tiny Guardians of the Galaxy? They may not be able to save the whole world before nap time comes around, but they’ll certainly look cute trying in their superhero dress up! And as Ms. Marvel herself said, “When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.”


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