trying, trying, trying... done

mum thinking about how she got pregnant

Our toddler son had lulled my partner and myself into a false sense of security and let us become overwhelmed with confidence by being super cute and highly manageable for a few minutes - so we decided it was a good idea to have another.

While our first son was a happy 'accident' - this time we would need to 'try'. It was suggested that it would be great 'idea' to record such 'trying' - but my Mother reads this! And she thinks I only did it that once. However - here is a safe summary of events:

Month 1: Partner and I have decided to try as our son is super adorable! Tres Exciting! I've got myself a pregnancy app and I'm on it like a car bonnet as the young folk say.

Month 2: No baby yet. I'm doing my best.

Month 3: It happened straight away last time - what am I doing wrong?

Month 4: No baby. And I'm really trying my best - I'm going to need more wine.

Month 5: Oh come on! Really? This isn't fun anymore. I've also got fat and I have no baby to blame it on. And, it has become apparent that our toddler isn't super adorable all of the time.

Month 6: Have embarked on a health and fitness regime. Shifted a stone. Feeling confident - maybe I should go back to work?

Month 7: Another half a stone down and really considering getting back into work. Nothing is happening. I thought it would happen straight away and be much easier than this - if it takes another seven months I can't just stay at home. It could take years. Yes - I'm going to get back into work.

Month 8: Maybe we will just have the one. We are so unbelievably lucky with one. I'm resigned to it. We have booked a lovely weekend away in a log cabin with a hot tub. Decided to delete pregnancy app and stop trying. "Trying" turns out is quite trying. It takes the fun out of it.

Month 9: Pregnant!

So - I can't tell you what did the trick, but I'm pretty sure it was a combination of weight loss, relaxation, throwing away the timetable and a dirty weekend mixed with several bottles of Rioja and a tray of Jalapeño Poppers. My partner may have contributed too. So baby two is now 13 weeks cooked - If there was ever an advert for a hot tub weekend - this is it.


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