real life pregnancy test stories

Unless a routine trip to the doctor results in a big surprise, most pregnancy stories start with a stick. Maybe your favourite food suddenly becomes unappealing and you feel a little queasy. Or there’s the more obvious sign of a missed period. So what do you do? You take a pregnancy test!

Well that’s exactly what these new and expectant mums did and each of them has a story to tell. From Roman roses to proposals, and office toilets to early appearances, no two pregnancy test experiences are alike.

keeping busy with the girls

Most expectant mums like to have their partner with them, or at least nearby, when they take the first pregnancy test. For Hannah however, her other half was miles away when the time came. Luckily she had some girlfriends to keep her company in his stead.

As with many women who suspect they’re expecting, Hannah recognised the early signs of pregnancy when they appeared. Feeling really ill and drained, she just knew that she was pregnant but wasn’t sure how her partner would react. Since he was away in Rome for a month with work, she turned to her girlfriends for support.

With plenty of company as it came to pregnancy test time, Hannah took two just to be sure. Both came back positive, of course! Having texted her other half about her sneaky suspicion, he was naturally quite anxious as he awaited her call. All the while, Hannah was excitedly gossiping with her girls and left him waiting for hours!

When she eventually remembered to ring him, he was clearly over the moon. Though a month passed between the most suspenseful pregnancy test in history and their reunion, the amazing news was never far from his mind. Arriving back home, he turned up to Hannah’s door with her favourite flowers; a bunch of white roses. Now if only the stems would magically sprout some bodysuits, the couple would be set for their big adventure.

Hannah on holiday while pregnant

getting personal with your boss in a bathroom

You might think that having your manager present for the big pregnancy test moment might be a bit awkward. But what if you were just that close with them? Well that’s exactly what happened with Abi, one day at work.

Abi is one of the lucky ones who is never late, until one month she was. At one day overdue, she joked with her friends about how things would be different if she was pregnant. By day four though, the laughs were replaced with worry (and just a touch of excitement). Waking up in the early hours, she told her partner “I think I’m pregnant” but he told his “silly” fiancé to go back to sleep. Not unsurprisingly, Abi tossed and turned all night.

By morning, she felt instinctively (and physically thanks to her swollen boobs) that she was pregnant. Plucking up the courage to buy a pregnancy test on her walk to work, she had no luck. Three shops and not a test in sight! But that’s where her caring colleagues came in. Having shared her feelings with them first thing and spent all morning unable to focus on work, the trio found two kits at the local shop, thankfully without seeing any co-workers on lunch!

Certain she was being a bit dramatic as she shook with adrenaline, Abi found the restrooms in the deepest darkest depths of the office as her work friends made light of things outside the cubicle. In an instant though, time slowed as the pregnancy test came back positive and her heart stopped before she burst into tears and out of the stall.

After lots of hugs, comforting words and maybe a bit of screaming, Abi left work early and persuaded her fiancé to cancel his plans and meet her at home. Though she planned to video his reaction, the tears and hugging began once again the second she saw him. Having hoped for a family eventually, the shock soon turned to happiness for the surprised pair. That’s about when Simon turned to her and said, “Was it that time in the shower?”

Abi showing off her pregnancy bump and ultrasound scan

weeks of waiting and an early arrival

Having a plan is all well and good, but sometimes mother nature has other ideas. For Oliver and Adrianne, that meant their new addition was a little more eager to meet them than they expected.

A lot of love goes into making a family but there’s a little science too. Which is why, after a fair bit of research, Adrianne came off her pill in January with a plan to stop trying if they weren’t expecting by April. You see, a December baby wasn’t part of their perfect plan, if they could help it. As luck (or mother nature) would have it, they were already pregnant and unknowingly on their way to having the non-Christmas baby they were hoping for.

In her excitement at the prospect of being a mum, Adrianne began taking tests almost every week. Despite bloating and mood swings, each pregnancy test came back negative. No worries though, it wasn’t yet April. Increasingly loved up, Oliver proposed (she of course said yes) and they started dreaming of a wedding with their little ones involved.

Almost two weeks later and with only one pregnancy test left in the drawer, Adrianne was still feeling really odd. Expecting to see another lonely little line, you can only imagine how her pulsed raced when the stick revealed a pair of pink marks. That’s about the time the tears of joy started. Devising a genius plan to put a literal bun in the oven and send Oliver to check it wasn’t burning, she walked calmly back into the bedroom. Needless to say, her smile gave the game away before she could put her plan into action.

Now further in their journey, Oliver and Adrianne have discovered quite how keen their little one is to meet them. It might’ve saved them some money on pregnancy tests had they known earlier, but this way they have even less time to wait before their new life as a family can begin.

Adrianne with her framed pregnancy test

a pregnancy test (and a proposal) to remember

For some mums, one pregnancy test is all it takes. For Louisa, the magic number was seven…

After a missed date night with her boyfriend Matt (rather than a miss of the usual kind), Louisa was off work for a week. You can guess the symptoms; fever, flu and - of course – nausea which outlasted the other ill feelings. That’s about the time she thought she ought to take a pregnancy test.

With a box of six at the ready, Louisa proceeded to pee on stick after stick. The first pregnancy test came back positive, as did the second, third and fourth. By the fifth stick, she was pretty certain she was pregnant (and presumably quite dehydrated!). Naturally the next step was to break the wonderful news to her other half who promptly proposed. And so their adorable little family was formed.

After an evening of sipping on orange juice and lemonade at a burlesque show followed by what you can only guess was a restless night contemplating all things baby related, Louisa turned to the remaining pregnancy test. Best to be sure in case the five sticks the day before were a fluke. Sure enough though, she was still very much expecting and a little bundle was on its way! And soon after, a Clearblue test confirmed the good news. She was three weeks pregnant, newly engaged and excited/scared/raring for the journey ahead.


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