what to consider when having a second baby

I always thought that having a second baby or even a third is much easier than the first, mainly because I’d know what to expect (though I wondered how I would juggle two babies when some days I feel I can barely manage one). But deciding to expand our family was a very easy decision for me. People …

real life pregnancy test stories

Unless a routine trip to the doctor results in a big surprise, most pregnancy stories start with a stick. Maybe your favourite food suddenly becomes unappealing and you feel a little queasy. Or there’s the more obvious sign of a missed period. So what do you do? You take a pregnancy test! Well th…

sex before pregnancy: the ins and outs of getting pregnant

From storks carrying muslin-wrapped bundles to ovulation sticks and fertility apps, the art of baby-making has come a long way. While you may be well-versed in the literal ins and outs of sex before pregnancy, getting pregnant isn’t always as simple! You may get lucky, and be the envy of other coupl…

fertility myths and conception tricks

We've all heard those old wives' tales about eating the right foods, having sex on certain days, or even trying to conceive during a full moon. Some are a little on the weird side, but it turns out there's a couple out there that are based on science, and therefore could help your chances of falling…

40 weeks and more: how i found out i was pregnant

Finding out I was pregnant. Well, that's a bit of a story. It definitely wasn't something that was in the plan. But when do plans go the way you expect them. My story about getting pregnant goes a little like this... So the plan was to go to work followed by a nice long weekend with my new fiancé…

trying, trying, trying... done

Our toddler son had lulled my partner and myself into a false sense of security and let us become overwhelmed with confidence by being super cute and highly manageable for a few minutes - so we decided it was a good idea to have another. While our first son was a happy 'accident' - this time …


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