willies, poos and bums by laura rutherford

little boys and their fascination with their willies

What is it with boys and their willies? Ever since they’re big enough to sit up, the fascination with the thing between their legs continues to astound. I remember the first time Harry noticed his, as a toddler during bath time. That's when the pulling and flicking began. Oh and even more exciting in water because it swishes around on its own Haha! Then, of course, there is the growing! When this started to happen Harry was in shock. He would giggle and say “mummy it's growing!”

There is, of course, the conversation that we always have with the boys about knowing this is their private area. That everything should be hidden and stays private. However, the ‘willy dance’ is usually a performance extravaganza which more often than not takes place after they’ve got out of the bath and decide to run around naked for all of two minutes. Thankfully in the confinement of our home.

The talk of willies also brings up the subject of poo and bums. Pretty much everything gross and ‘cheeky’ that is not quite on the top of conversation criteria! Why would they want to talk about serious topics when the words poo and bum bum cause fits of laughter!

Raising boys brings a whole new level of questionable habits. [Trying not to generalise…] Boys, after all, just stink! If it's not their bums, it's the mud they roll around in. The bogeys on their forearms, the smelly pyjamas, the ‘dribbles’ in their pants. The list can go on and on. Stanley isn't quite at this stage as yet but it won't be long until he is. And unfortunately, there isn't much light at the end of the tunnel either because their stinkiness may linger long into their teens. I grew up with a brother whose room always smelt musky. Like old sweaty sports socks. The strong scent of Lynx trying to mask the stench.

God help the girlfriends my boys meet one day! We do our best to enforce fabulous hygiene in this family… like I said, we do our utmost best!

By Laura xx

Laura Rutherford is a lifestyle blogger, you can find her blog at and you can follow her on instagram @that_mummy_smile

laura rutherford explores little boys fascination with willies and all things yucky


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