london dad's stokke adventure

Teh London Dad takes the Stokke Trailz on London Adventure

Hey everyone, I am the Greg the London Dad, I was asked by the guys at Mothercare to write an honest review of aStokke Trailz. Now let’s start with the honest part quickly, I am not going to just cover the good bits and gloss over the negatives, I am going to talk a bit about both without banging on too much and boring you. So here we go.

First up this buggy is the sort of thing you fall in love with as soon as your hand touches the handlebar, think walking into your first home and getting “that feeling” or buying your first dream car. All of those buying choices are governed by the heart and not your head. Each feels right at the time but might not necessarily be the most practical choice to buy. That being said for its downfalls which I will talk about below, it’s an amazing buggy. We know a thing or two about buggies, we are no experts but Alice and I have been through 5 in the 30 months and have been given plenty on loan to test drive etc. and nothing comes close to this in the luxury stakes.

Onto those downfalls that I keep promising to talk about. Our biggest issue with the Trailz is that it’s a beast, it’s pretty big and weighs a bit sans baby and gear but that’s only an issue getting on and off trains and navigating the streets of inner city London. It’s a downfall for us but I don’t actually think that the Trailz is aimed at that kind of usage, when we get it onto Wimbledon common it glides around like a Rolls Royce Phantom over speed bumps and comes into its own. On the size side of things it’s wide and has problems with some doors of the boutique stores but that weighs up with the fact E can curl up and sleep in there comfortably with her knees on her chest and she is two and half, it makes her look little again.

Now onto the good stuff, the handle which is leather, not just leather for the sake of it, beautiful soft leather that feels like you're holding onto a designer wallet. The handlebar moves in an arc motion with 5 different angles and then a fully tucked away angle. This is a dream which means you can adjust it to your incline, Alice and I both have a different position we like and the fact it doesn't push and pull to change height makes it feel so much sturdier.

The wheels are air filled and you can let a little air out for when the ground is soft to get some more traction and then pump them back up when you are back on flat ground, it’s worth noting the pump isn’t supplied but you can pick one up for a few quid in a bike shop.

The basket is huge and for us holds a full weeks shop minus the loo roll and dog food, this is a massive plus with baby number two on the way and with Alice being so heavily pregnant that I don’t want her carrying bags back from the shops. The downside of the large basket is that you can really fill it up and getting the buggy moving can be a bit of a chore, once it gets moving it is pretty easy.

Now for us the real thing that makes the Trailz, is the quality, not just the build quality, the finishing or the amazing fabric, it’s everything that is done in combination with one another that makes it a real pleasure to look at and to push around.

As a Dad I am convinced we take more interest in choosing our children’s buggies than let’s say their cribs or clothes as it’s a pretty masculine thing to choose just like a car. There are so many similarities that us men will tell you is the reason for this, four wheels, a chassis, paint finish etc but the real reason is the status symbol. This is it, if you want to feel good pushing your mini around then there isn't a better buggy to do it in. It looks good, it handles well, it’s luxurious and before I get too Top Gear on you I just want to say despite its few faults we love it nonetheless.


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