the joys of christmas traditions

Whether you leave treats out for Santa and his reindeer or make decorations for your tinsel-covered tree, we all have our own Christmas traditions. Every family around the world will celebrate in a different way and that’s part of the festive magic. There are no rules about what you should be doing, as long as it makes you merry!

So with that in mind, here’s a little taste of what has made Christmas special for me through the years. Perhaps it’ll spark some treasured memories that you can share with your children. Or maybe it’ll give you ideas for new ways to celebrate this year. After all, the holiday season is the perfect time to fondly reminisce and get a little creative.

christmas with a crackle

One of my family’s Christmas traditions involves trampolining dogs and playful penguins. No, I’m not talking about the circus but all the festive TV adverts! When we’re all together, we love sitting down to guess who produced each ad. It’s silly really and my mum often shows us all up, but it’s our little bit of fun. And then there’s the presents which my sister and I always wrap back-to-back. It’s the perfect solution to sharing the twizzle but keeping the gifts secret.

Speaking of presents, what better way to unwrap them than in the glow of a fire? That’s one of the best things about the Christmases spent at our family cottage. We set some logs crackling, hand out each bundle and take aim at an empty box with the scrunched-up paper. Regardless of where we are for the holidays though, my sister always waits for me to decorate the tree. The house gets decked out with cards and lights, but we adorn the festive fir together.

Decorated Christmas tree and baking Christmas cake

filling up on festive spirit

When it comes to the festive season, one of my favourite things is the food. I’ve always loved baking Christmas cakes with my mum and sister, even if we sometimes forget to eat them until New Year… So instead of buying mince pies off the shelf, why not whip up a batch? Baking with your little helper may get a bit messy but it’s marvellous fun. Tree-shaped cookies can easily be covered in buttons for baubles and hung by ribbon on the real Christmas tree.

If you’re looking for other indulgent and delicious Christmas traditions to enjoy, why not host an open house? Save some cookies for the guests, get the mulled wine warming and put on a playlist of Christmas classics. Then invite your friends and neighbours round to catch-up while the kids run amuck together with their imagination. We all live such busy lives so taking the time to see people face-to-face is what the holiday season is all about.

the sparkle of old christmas traditions

When you unbox the decorations, try dusting off the old Christmas traditions too. Passed down through the years, they bring all generations of the family together and help to rekindle your sense of childish wonder. Did you have special pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve? Or perhaps you’d clamber onto your parents’ bed to empty out your stocking? Whatever your favourite pastime, why not share such magical moments with your little elf this year.

Thinking of bringing generations together, my Grandad started a wonderful tradition that fetches many smiles (and a few chilly toes). Each year, he gathers friends of all ages to merrily sing in the lobby of a busy train station. Donning our Santa hats and rattling our charity boxes, I know it’s Christmastime when we go carolling. As for post-Christmas, there’s always the Boxing Day walk (or ride). Bundled up in all the layers, it gets everyone out of the house together.

Family on a boxing day walk

making new festive memories

Part of the joy of Christmas is sharing it with family but, much like Santa’s belly, they tend to expand! If you’ve been joined by a precious little bundle or a new partner, the more (presents) the merrier. Hopefully, your old Christmas traditions will grow and change as your family does, but why not introduce some new festive habits too?

For an extra dusting of magic during the Yuletide build-up, what about surprising your tot with a Christmas Eve box? You can fill it with snowflake-covered pyjamas and a sign for their door, so Santa knows where to find them. There’s always plenty of crafts to make! And perhaps you’ll be introduced to more Christmas traditions by partners who join your celebrations. It’s those little touches of magic which keep both kids and adults excited for Santa’s arrival.

all wrapped up and ready for santa

On that merry note, I shall wrap up the quick trip down my family’s chimney. Hopefully you feel as jolly as Santa himself with plenty of festive ideas! I’ll leave you with one final thought about Christmas traditions; they all have something in common. At their heart is a little bit of magic and a sleigh-full of sentiment. So however you celebrate, I hope you delight in every moment as you share the holidays with your nearest and dearest, both big and small.

Rhiannon and her cousins

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