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Meet Elvie, the award-winning exercise tracker and app that is revolutionising pelvic floor workouts. Designed with busy mums like Ruth Davies in mind, Elvie takes the guesswork out of your kegels and makes a notoriously boring exercise easy and fun! See how Ruth and Sam got on below or hear it for yourselves by watching their review...

If you also want a strong pelvic floor and to see results in as little as two weeks, then buy your Elvie today at Mothercare.

I suspect a lot of women are like me when it comes to doing their pelvic floor exercises in that they think about doing them far more than they actually DO them.

Which is silly... Because you only really have to think about it in order to DO it but my word we women can get distracted and... Because it's a bit like facing the unknown (are we doing them right? Are they even working?) and sometimes it's easier to put it on the back burner; to not think about it at all.


You sneeze.

Then you think about it for sure. You think about how you should be doing them, that you really need to work out HOW to do them properly and that you must make time for it.

And then the cycle starts again.

It's not like normal exercise where you can buy a DVD or join a gym. Get a personal trainer even (can you imagine)... But actually... how about a sort of cross with that (but a digital version so no embarrassing conversations) and a pedometer... To measure your progress. Oh! And also to tell you if you're doing them right.

Sounds good doesn't it! In step Elvie.

Elvie, your pelvic floor trainer, perfect for improving those kegels

Elvie IS, as its box suggests, your most personal trainer ever and it does exactly as I've suggested above from the comfort of your own home or indeed anywhere you like. It's a little gadget newly on sale in Mothercare and which my friend Sam (a mother of four babies) and I (a mother of two) have been putting to the test. We've decided, after a fortnight of use, that our pelvic floors have been crying out for this only before we tried it we never knew.

The Elvie resembles a small egg with a tail and once charged within its small and discreet case, you insert it as you would a tampon. After downloading the accompanying app (compatible with iPhones 4S and newer and Android phones or tablets 4.3 and newer which support Bluetooth Low Energy. Also for use with an iPad 3 and newer, including iPad Air and Mini) you can get started.

Next the app gives you a series of exercises to complete and much like a computer game (my friend Sam likened it to 'Angry Birds' you can become competitive with yourself on each use. Trying to keep it above the line (by clenching) for longer each time or by hitting moving targets on the screen by clenching and un-clenching. The app shows you how hard you are working, how well you have done, gives you readings to compare to previous workouts and much more.

lady using her elvie to exercise her pelvic floor muscles

It made me realise that I absolutely wasn't doing my pelvic floor exercises properly before I used the Elvie as I suspected but I WAS on the right lines. I knew what to do just not really how much strength to put behind it, how to challenge myself or how to keep it getting harder so that it would be more beneficial to me and now I do. It also made me WANT to do them which is half the battle. Without the Elvie I could quite easily put them off and not think about them and my friend and I agreed that sometimes it's easier to pretend there isn't a problem and ignore it when it comes to pelvic floor exercises. Just having it makes you think about it and because it shows you that you are doing things right, could do things better and can beat your personal best daily it spurs you on.

In just 14 days we both feel stronger (down there) and are committed to continual use. It really only takes 5 minutes of your time and the benefits are so worth having. I ordinarily have a short fuse when it comes to hanging on if I need the toilet but have noticed this to be much better in the last few days and the Elvie will only help more and more especially as I can see from the app that I have a LONG way to go to reach full strength.

It is very small and discreet as I mentioned before and comes with an extra cover if you need to make it a little bigger so will be a good fit for everyone. I have charged mine once and used it daily for just over two weeks and the battery life is still going strong. All in all I think this is one gadget all women should have and it's worth noting that the app actually makes it rather fun and something to look forward to doing each day rather than something we like to pretend isn't happening as per usual when it comes to this topic.

Ruth Davies – Mama, Blogger, Actress, Style the School Run Contributor


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