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With Easter around the corner it's time to start thinking about some creative activities you can do with your littles and keep those hands busy! My boys love arts and crafts (absolutely nothing to do with me pushing it onto them! haha!) so any opportunity to get our arts and crafts box out and they’re on it with all enthusiasm…which is your cue to run with it!

This week we decided to decorate some eggs so I stocked up on a dozen and prepped them ready for decorating. Using the sharp point of a bottle opener I carefully pierced the tops and bottoms of the eggs and gently blew out the egg into a bowl. My son Harry has done this before but finds it gross and slimy so of course, I did all of them, but it’s pretty fun for the kids to get involved. Luckily the boys love omelettes because we filled a bowl and put it in the fridge for dinner that night!

easter egg decorating painting an easter egg

A variety of bright acrylic paints and some glitter pots is all we needed, got Stanley in an apron and then taught him how to hold the egg carefully without squeezing… Teaching a toddler not to squeeze an empty egg shell is like saying you can't eat that bowl of sweets in front of you! Leaving the boys to get arty with no creative limits is just how you want it to be.

It soon occurred to me that these eggs need to dry, so grabbing an apple and potato (only had one of each hahaha!) I stuck a load of toothpicks in them so we could suspend the shells for drying off. After painting two, Stanley spent the rest of the time painting himself (obvs!)- Which all washed off well! Harry was totally engrossed and enjoyed every second. Aside from paint and glitter; some scraps of tissue paper and a pot of pva is another fantastic design option to turn your eggs into pretty decorative masterpieces!

letting easter eggs dry easter egg decorating arts and crafts

We wanted to make a garland with ours so once the eggs were all dried off and Harry had proudly shown his off to his daddy, I glued them along some brown Kraft string using strong UHU glue so we could display them. I had my own little go at decorating some with a fine black Sharpie pen. A simple repetitive design can really be effective. Another display idea is to use your decorative eggs as a table centrepiece in a nice shallow bowl or put them on some sticks in a vase as an ‘Easter tree’.

decorated easter eggs

Each Easter Harry and Stan get given chocolate eggs from just about everyone, from aunties, grandparents, neighbours and friends…which is wonderful, but I always try to give them something a little different. For the past couple of years I’ve filled a coloured egg box with little treats. I remember LOVING those teeny tiny little yellow chicks at Easter when I was a little girl and similarly they’re just as popular with my boys. A couple of those, with some small novelty chocolates, makes for an exciting gift, sealed with a ribbon. I get my coloured egg boxes from WholeFoods and then collect the contents as and when I see things in the supermarkets!

easter egg treat box inside an easter egg treat box

So think outside the box this Easter holiday; get creative with some egg decorating. There are no rules, just lots of fun and maybe a little mess....but how liberating it is to do something messy? Especially when glitter is involved ;)

Happy Easter from The Rutherfords.

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decorating an easter egg with a sharpie


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