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I love Christmas. I’m aware that these days it’s fashionable to be cynical about the holiday, but I can’t help it. I love Christmas music. I love all my tacky decorations that don’t match. And I love the food. But if someone asked me what my favourite part of Christmas was, I’d have to say, Christmas Eve.

Gifts under the tree

There’s something about the crackle of anticipation in the air as all my family gathers together to get ready for the next day’s festivities that, for me, beats even the excitement of Christmas morning. That’s why I think kicking off the celebrations with a Christmas Eve box is such a lovely idea.

Treating your little one to an early present can really add something to your festivities. You can use your box to introduce them to your favourite yuletide traditions, settle them down for the night or get them excited about Father Christmas. Here, I’ve put together some of my favourite Christmas Eve box ideas, but you can fill them with whatever you like.

what’s a christmas eve box?

Christmas Eve boxes have become really popular in recent years. In some countries, children are lucky enough to unwrap their gifts on December 24th instead of waiting until Christmas morning. These festive boxes generally contain a selection of small gifts for children to get stuck into before the main event. But they’re so much more than a way to pacify eager tots.

A Christmas Eve box is a lovely way to extend the excitement of the big day. It builds up the anticipation for our little ones. As children, Christmas can truly be a magical time. And it’s not just the fun of opening presents. It’s the wonder of the elves in the workshop, the flying reindeer, and the stockings that magically fill up overnight. Christmas comes but once a year, so we should make it as special as we can for our babies before they’re all grown up.

Boy with Mothercare Christmas Eve box

choosing your christmas eve box

There are loads of different types of boxes available for you to choose from. Decorated with a variety of fun designs, they love to hide away and reappear year after year. That means one box but lots of festive memories! To make it even more special, you could treat them to a Christmas Eve box.

If you don’t want to buy a Christmas Eve box, why not make your own? At Christmas, we become overloaded with delivery boxes from items we’ve ordered online. Take one that’s big enough to fit your gifts and cover it in wrapping paper. Stick on some fun shaped gift tags, write your little one’s name on it in glitter glue or a bright pen, and you’re good to go!

deck the halls

Part of what makes Christmas so special is all the traditions that go along with it. While Christmas Eve boxes make a lovely tradition on their own, they can also be used to introduce your little one to other fun festivities. Fill your baby’s Christmas Eve box with their very own stocking that can be used every year, or their own decoration to hang on the tree. Just don't forget to leave a mince pie for Santa... and a treat for the reindeer, of course.

One of the most iconic traditions is the myth of Father Christmas. Once they’re old enough, you can use their Christmas Eve box to encourage their belief in him. Fill the box with an activity set and engage in a bit of pre-Christmas crafting. Let your little one make their own door hanger so Father Christmas knows which room is theirs. You can even include a letter from Santa that reassures them that he’s coming, to get them really excited for the next day!

children in Santa and Elf pyjamas

step into christmas

For me, Christmas Eve is all about officially getting into the yuletide spirit. And nothing gets me in the mood more than a pair of Christmassy pyjamas (to be worn while scoffing mince pies). Whether you favour tastefully festive styles or jammies that make your little one look like a Christmas pudding, pyjamas are a must-have for any Christmas Eve box.

Once they’re nice and cosy in their sleepwear, it’s time to settle them down so they’re rested for the big day. Why not try some of these Christmas Eve box ideas to help relax your little one and send them off to sleep:

• a new mug with a sachet of hot chocolate and marshmallows
• a festive bath product
• a Christmassy teddy to cuddle up with
• a Christmas book to fall asleep to
• a pair of slippers to keep their little toes warm
• a cosy jumper or blanket to snuggle up in

I hope you found my Christmas Eve box ideas useful! Whatever you end up filling your festive box with, and however you choose to celebrate, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


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