childhood christmas memories

Christmas is the highlight of the year for most families. From opening the first advent calendar window to the wide-eyed wonder on Christmas morning, it’s a time sprinkled with special moments. Moments that little ones will remember when they’re not so little and are putting out a mince pie and carrot with their own excited children!

As part of our Christmas campaign, we invited mums to share their most magical childhood Christmas memories – while making more with their children and ELC toys.

two children playing with their early learning centre toy kitchen

Natasha @ Serenity You remembers it being like Santa’s grotto in her house! The wooden toy kitchen we sent Caitlin and Aaron as an early present brought back memories of her own, which she played with for hours with friends. To recreate this for her own children, she says “I decided to put this up at my mum’s house and keep it there for when my family and sister’s family go up at Christmas, so all the kids can play with it together.” The kids also loved the wooden Christmas dinner set, although it might not taste quite as good as mum’s turkey with all the trimmings!

vintage picture of a child and their toy bike child and his Thomas the Tank Engine set

Ickle Pickle’s mummy @ Ickle Pickle’s Life also remembers enjoying the same gift we sent to her son – a wooden train track - proving that the very best toys really are timeless. “We would run shrieking into mum and dad,” she remembers, “And we would lug our pillowcases upstairs to their bedroom as my mum absolutely had to have a cup of tea before she could get out of bed.” That sounds like a tradition definitely worth continuing!

toddler and his ELC toy kitchen

The lovely Lauren @ Belle Du Brighton also endured the agony of waiting for mum to make a cuppa before the unwrapping could commence. Although it sounds like it was worth it as she remembers opening a Sylvanian Families Caravan and playing with it “day in, day out for yonks!” Her little ones were surprised with a Step 2 toy kitchen, which Lauren describes as being “the perfect size – both Athena and Arlo can stand at the kitchen playing without getting in each others’ way, perfect for some sibling bonding.” We’re glad to hear they’re not arguing over who does the washing up, as Athena seems to enjoy it. That’s the Christmas dinner pots and pans sorted then!

Little girl playing with her toy tree set

Zena @ Zena’s Suitcase remembers receiving another popular toy, the Family Tree House. She describes how she “loved all the little details”, so we were sure she’d love the Rosebud Village Tree House that we gifted to her two girls. With a rope ladder and hammock, it’s a fun alternative to a wooden dolls house – or perfect for popping in the dolls house garden, for a very lucky little make-believe family!

Little boy playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine set

Some of our mums shared photos alongside their special Christmas memories, and we love the one of Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One  and her classic blackboard – although using her mum’s lipsticks as chalks probably earned her time on the naughty step! Mary also describes how “trains have always been a part of family life” saying “I can remember my brother having the original Thomas the Tank Engine books. Over 40 years later, I’m reading Thomas & Friends books with Monkey (her son).” Just as well then that our early Christmas gift to Monkey was a Trackmaster train track – Thomas and Percy’s Railway Race Set, which sees Thomas and Percy racing for added fun.

old Christmas memories

Angela @ The Inspiration Edit also shared some sweet throwback snaps of her childhood Christmases, remembering that, in their family, a pillowcase took the place of a stocking. Sounds like a great idea to us – more space for gifts! She says “we always placed a pillowcase on the end of our beds and this is a tradition I’ve passed down to my daughter Sylvia.” Among the gifts that Angela remembers are a wooden train track and a Tiny Tears doll.

Little girl and her ELC Rosebud Fairy Tale Palace

We’re hoping that Sylvia also loves playing with dolls as the Rosebud Fairy Tale Palace was our gift to her. A regal twist on the traditional wooden dolls house, this huge palace comes with thrones and, of course, a King and Queen to sit upon them. As Angela describes her little princess as being “over the moon” with a gift that brought back happy memories from her own childhood, we think we got this one royally right for both mum and daughter!

We’ve loved sharing in our families’ festive childhood memories – and helping them make more with their own children. It seems that Santa can’t go wrong when he sticks to timeless toys, whatever the year!


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