baby-led designing: blending safety measures into your home décor

Even before those tiny fingers and toes have formed, your baby bump will already be dictating a few changes in your life. As excited as you are about your demanding little VIP, this means turning certain parts of your world upside-down – including your stylish home – ready for your due-date.

The idea of transforming your interiors into a baby-safe zone of plastic and primary colours might not be that appealing, but it doesn't have to be that way. You'll need to baby-proof your home, but there are plenty of safety essentials out there that are made to blend in with your home décor. Here's our guide to preparing your home for your new arrival, but with a bit of home-styling in mind.

subtle stair gates

Any staircases in your home need to have baby gates installed at the top and bottom a while before your little one starts to crawl. Simple white metal and wooden styles easily blend into minimalist interiors, while designs with oak finishes help fit in with homely cottage-style rooms. For a seamless look, search for gates that match the material and design of your stair bannister.

Baby-safe decor with stair gate

stylish fireguards

Fireplaces and wood burners are ideal for warming up those chilly winter evenings, but they do pose a hazard for curious little crawlers. You'll need to install a fireguard with a spark screen to prevent baby getting too close. There are plenty of modern options that come in a variety of colours, so you can find one that matches your idyllic stove.

soft furnishings

From belly shuffles to those first tottering steps, your little one will spend a lot of time either lying or landing on your flooring. It's a good idea to add some soft areas to your home, especially if your floors are wooden or tiled. This could mean going all-out with some new carpet, or adding a few soft rugs and mats in cornered-off baby zones if you can't bear to cover your hardwood floors completely. Make sure any new rugs are fitted with grips to prevent slipping.

covered plug sockets

Sockets need hiding away from prying fingers, although this won't be a problem for your interior décor. It's easy to hide them behind pieces of furniture or cover them with white or grey socket caps to match your colour scheme.

Baby peering over a sofa

secured furniture

If you have ornate dressers and bookcases in your home, it's time to make them sturdy and secure with a few well-placed bolts. This can be done discreetly so the metal doesn't show. That way no-one should know the difference, but you avoid your crawling baby or child pulling them over!

hidden cables and blind cords

As baby starts to grab and tug, everything in your home is fair game. This means that wires and cords need to be tucked out of the way – which could actually benefit your home décor. Without these little, unsightly details sticking out, your home will look a little neater (at least until playtime begins).

clever kitchen gadgets

Adding another gate to your kitchen door keeps your little one away from cooking and cleaning equipment, but there are a couple of other useful and inconspicuous tools you can use, too. Stove-top guards and magnetic locks keep out prying fingers, while many washing machines have child-lock features already included.


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