an interview with this is mothership: preparing for your second baby

having a second baby, this is mothership discuss how to cope

what stage of pregnancy were/are you most looking forward to experiencing again?

Gemma: Giving birth. As much as I'm very grateful to be pregnant, it just doesn't agree with me and I've found it really hard and painful so I'm SO looking forward to giving birth and the next chapter.

Sam: I won't be experiencing it again as I am most definitely done at two! But I do really love the feel of the baby kicking inside of me. It's the strangest yet calming experience, a silent secret between me and him.

what are you finding the biggest challenge to be?

Gemma: We have both struggled with juggling our toddlers, our jobs and having time to look after ourselves.

do you feel more prepared and relaxed as you’ve done it all before?

Sam: We definitely both feel more confident about looking after small babies. At this stage last time we were both terrified that we had no idea what to do. We aren't in the slightest bit prepared though, and are both still sorting the baby rooms. First time around, these were completed by the time we were 7 months pregnant.

have you noticed any differences in your pregnancies this time around?

Sam: I’m having another boy and I’ve felt the same as the first time.

Gemma: I am a totally different shape to when I had my daughter. I am now expecting a son, so it’s true what they say, you carry differently depending on the sex.

are you re-using many products from your first babies?

Gemma: Yes, we are re-using quite a lot. However, we cannot believe that in the space of two years there are so many new parenting gadgets out there, so much has changed in the baby market. We did get slightly carried away with buying a few new bits.

how have you prepared leo and belle for the arrival of their siblings?

Sam: They are both SO excited. For so long, Leo thought the baby was inside his tummy.

Gemma: Belle keeps saying that she misses her baby brother and wants to see him. We've talked to them about it as often as possible to prepare them. We know it will be a big adjustment for the whole family but both kids are at the age when they are so much more aware of what is going on, and they understand so much more than they did 6 months ago. And both are finally potty trained, phew!

is there anything that you did with your first babies that you won’t with your second?

Gemma: We both want to try stick to a similar style of parenting as we did with our firsts. Sam moved house when Leo was 8 weeks old so that won't be happening this time around as this was a bad idea! We are big believers in being really noisy around the babies so they get used to being around noise and are able to sleep with anything going on.

what piece of advice would you give to anyone preparing to be a parent?

Sam: Ignore what people say about making sure you get enough sleep before the baby comes. Having 12 hours a night before the baby won't prepare you for waking up 12 times a night when the baby is here. Instead, make the most of alone time and read magazines, have a facial, go to the cinema. Do the things you won't be able to do for a while.

this is mothership and their children

leo and belle (both 2 years old)

what would you like to name your new baby brother?

Belle: Polar Bear

Leo: A Baby Boy

what are you looking forward to most about being a big brother/sister?

Belle: Sharing toys (side note from Gemma, she'll never share her toys with him!)

Leo: Teaching him how to eat snacks.

what is the first thing you are going to say to your baby brother?

Belle: HELLO! (Which she said in a really high pitched voice, so hopefully she'll be a little quieter!)

Leo: Hello Baby Brother, how are you?

this is mothership holding their baby bumps

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