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nappy disposal bins and systems

If you're using disposable nappies, one of the best ways to get rid of them is with a nappy bin. These dedicated units are designed to lock in odours, keeping your home smelling fresh as a daisy. This is perfect for people in small homes where smells can travel quickly, especially when it's chilly outside and you don't fancy running to the wheely bin.

how do nappy bins work?

Nappy bins are designed with a film containing antibacterial ingredients to keep smells from escaping. Some use cassettes, which contain antibacterial liners. When you pop the nappy in the bin, they twist and wrap the nappy up tightly to lock in the odour. When they run out, you'll need to pick up nappy bin refills so check the price of these before you settle on your chosen nappy disposal unit.

how much can a baby nappy bin hold?

The number of dirty nappies your nappy disposal bin can hold will depend on the brand. It also depends on the age of your little one. When you read the capacity of the bin, bear in mind it's talking about the small size 1 nappies. If you've got twins, or two tots who aren't yet potty trained, you'll probably want a double-size nappy bin.

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