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baby nappy changing mats

Newborn babies can need up to ten nappy changes each day (including during the night), so it really helps to have all the right equipment to hand. The most essential thing for a quick and easy change is a comfy baby changing mat.

Designed to keep baby safely in one place while you deal with the business end, a good changing mat has slightly raised sides to catch rolling and wriggling babies, and an easy wipe-clean surface. Changing units are handy in the nursery, as the nappy changing mat sits on top of a chest of drawers that's useful for stowing nappies and wipes. This also means you don't have to stoop to change your baby – your back will thank you for this by change number ten! Look out for changing units by much-loved brands like Boori. Alternatively, you could use a cot-top changer, which lies flat over your baby's cot to convert it into a changing table.

Go for a simple foam-filled changing pad if you need something portable that you can pop them down wherever they're needed: by the bath, on the bed, or even in the garden on a summer's day. For on-the-go changes, a travel mat is a must. Many of these will fold down neatly enough to fit in your changing bag, and it's always worth keeping a spare in the boot for trips out. Want to know more about the world of baby changing? Have a look at our complete guide to nappies and you'll soon be powering through those those ten-a-day like a pro.