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dental care


Teething is always a tough time for any youngster, so at mothercare we offer a selection of items to help your child with their journey through developmental stage. Help your child by with the Cooling Teether Ring,Textured Linkies or the Baby Grooming Set. Also, mothercare offers toothbrushes designed especially for little hands and tiny teethm such as the Boys Tiny Teeth Toothbrush.The perfect nursery room temperature should be maintained at between 16-20°C, and what better way to ensure your nursery room is at the best temperature, than with one of our range of thermometers.


Mothercare offer a range of thermometers to buy online, including the The Philips Avent Digital Dual Purpose Bath And Room Thermometer, which offers a fast and accurate way to digitally measure and monitor both room and water temperature – ideal for the nursery, or floating in the bath!