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Keeping baby squeaky-clean has never been easier with our range of baby baths and bath sets. You can make bath time washing a breeze with our range of baby towels & flannels too! To keep your little one occupied and entertained while you scrub away, make sure to check out our huge range of baby bath time toys. When bath time is over, you can pack all of the accessories and toys away in one of our space saving bath boxes.


Finish a long day of play and exploration with a baby bath designed to make washing your little one simple. With offerings from Aqua Scale, Stokke and Prince Lionheart there’s a variety of baby baths to choose from including a fun inflatable duck tub to a wash pod that allows you to bathe baby in the foetal position. Our practical Roll Up Roll Up bath set is the perfect starter kit to keep all your baby bathtime essentials in one place.

For a sturdy and safe bath time, why not invest in one of our baby bath supports or mats too. Making bath time fun is a great way of promoting all-round hygiene and well being without any fuss. Good personal hygiene is always a sure-fire way to help prevent pesky bugs and illnesses like croup.