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baby baths and accessories

Waterbabies will love bath time with our range of baby baths and accessories. It's a great way to bond with your little one, having fun splashing about and then cuddling them up in a big fluffy towel. We have everything you need – from well-known brands like Skip Hop, Cuddledry and Angelcare – to make the experience stress-free, leaving you free to have fun (and blow a few bubbles). 

We have a choice of baby baths to make bath time at home – or away – easy. Baby bath supports are perfect for newborns and young babies. These can be placed in your bathtub and help support your little one, keeping your hands free. Non-slip feet make them perfectly secure. Freestanding baby tubs are ideal if you’re staying over with family or on holiday. Choose from a range of sizes and fun colours. For older ones, look at our pods and seats that help baby sit up in bath by themselves, so they can splash and play.

Make bath time fun with our baby bath accessories. Toys like fishing sets make a game out of getting in the tub. Choose from toys that float, paddle or make waves in the water, keeping your little one entertained. When the fun is over, wrap them up in a cosy soft baby towel. Sheets with animal hoods are super cute – as if you’re little one needed more help with that. Baby clippers make keeping their nails under control safe and simple, while soft brushes make taking care of their hair easy. 

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