baby gifts and gift ideas

There's almost nothing more wonderful than finding out that a dear friend or family member is expecting a little one, although shopping for adorable baby gifts comes a close second. Our range includes baby gift ideas for little ones aged from birth to six months old – any excuse to spoil the little squidge.

When you get invited along to a pre-natal party, pick up some baby shower gifts. This section of our shop is packed with new baby presents, from keepsakes that will delight mum-to-be to practical bits and bobs to make those first few days of parenthood a little bit easier. 

For memories that will last a lifetime, give the new parents one of our newborn baby impression kits. These make it easy and safe to take imprints of their tiny hands and feet, so everyone can remember just how little they were when they first arrived. 

If you're a parent-to-be, you can put together a curated list of newborn baby gifts that you need (or simply want). Just sign in and add your favourite newborn gifts to your wish list. It's easy to share it with family and friends so they know exactly which baby presents to buy you and that way, you won't end up with ten of the same thing.