gift list faqs

Why should I create a Gift List?

You'll be able to keep track of the items you really want, or share them with friends so they'll know just what to get you for that special occasion. Just like a wedding list, you can select any of the items from our range and add them to your Gift List. Then your friends and family can buy items directly from your list to ensure that you receive the items you really want and don't end up with three baby monitors!

How do I add an item to my Gift List?

Simply choose and click on the product you would like to add to your Gift List and click on 'add to gift list' located underneath the 'add to basket' button. This will take you to your Gift List with the new product added to it. Click 'save changes' and your Gift List will be updated.

How do I delete an item from my Gift List?

Log in to your Gift List and you will see your list of products – you may either delete an item or choose a new priority for it.

How do I purchase from a Gift List?

Log in to your friends Gift List and you will see the list of items – simply select your chosen item by clicking on the orange 'add to basket' button. Enter your payment details and the item will be delivered directly to your friend.

How do I search for Gift List?

You can either enter your friends name or email address to search for their Gift List.

Where are purchases sent?

All purchases will be sent directly to the address that you request.

How do I update my Gift List?

You can login to your Gift List at any time and add more items or delete items you no longer require – or even add comments to each item letting everyone know how much you really want something!

I've ordered from my friends gift list but it isn't showing as purchased on the list?

A product will only get taken off the gift list if it is purchased through the list - this is done by looking at a gift list and clicking on the "add to basket" button. The product will show as "purchased".

However, if you buy the product by just searching for it on the site, our system will not recognise that it is on a gift list and therefore it will not show the product as "purchased" on the list.