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Mothercare's Parenting Experts and Medical Specialists

Whether developing a new product or creating advice and buying guides, we pride ourselves in making every decision supported by more than 50 years of history in the industry, and by continuously consulting our team of parenting experts and medical specialists.

Thoughtfully selected, our internal and external specialists possess a wealth of knowledge in children and women’s health and development, and include parenting consultants, midwives and psychologists. Meet some of them below:

Elizabeth Day - Mothercare's In-House Parenting Expert

elizabeth day mothercare's in house parenting expertAs Mothercare’s in-house Parenting Consultant, Liz Day is responsible for imparting her wealth of knowledge to co-workers, stakeholders, charities and other organisations. Liz regularly appears in the press, on national radio and has even represented Mothercare on the BBC Junior Apprentice.

Liz’s expertise also helps us train and educate store and head office staff to ensure each member of the Mothercare family are knowledgeable and empathetic to every parent’s needs.

As well as contributing to training material to ensure our customers’ queries are always accurately addressed, Liz’s extensive parenting acumen - gained from years of personal and professional experience - helps us create factually correct and in-depth articles, buying guides and advice guides.

Prior to working with Mothercare, Liz was a support worker at a children’s centre and a maternity nurse for the NHS. She holds a degree in Clinical Psychology and Biopsychology from Birkbeck, University of London and a degree in Child Development from the University of Nottingham.

As Mothercare’s Parenting Consultant for over 15 years and volunteering as a counsellor for young people, Liz Day’s longevity of service and commitment is a testament to her unwavering passion for the parenting industry.

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Mandy Gurney - Founder of Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic

mandy gurney sleep expertFounder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic, Mandy has been advising on baby, toddler, school-aged and young people’s sleep issues for almost 30 years.

Commissioned by the NHS and Eire since 2007, Mandy has developed sleep workshops that are firmly grounded in evidence-based practice, research and her many years of expertise. She delivers these training days for health professionals across the UK and Ireland. In addition she mentors NHS Trusts with their own sleep clinics.

Mandy is a keynote speaker presenting at both The Baby Show London and The Baby & Toddler Show. She also delivers sleep seminars for parents in the workplace and schools, both mainstream schools and schools for children with profound learning difficulties.

Mandy is frequently asked to write for online parenting sites such as Huffington Post and Mumfidential and to give expert comment on TV including BBC Bitsize, BBC Radio 4, and for national newspapers such as the Guardian and The Times.

She is the sleep expert and adviser for a number of household brands and companies which include the BBC, Mothercare, Made For Mums, The Gro Company, In the Night Garden and The Essential Parent Company.

Mandy is the author of the sleep bible ‘Teach Your Child to Sleep’ (Hamlyn, 2016), which has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and been translated into ten different languages and “The Bedtime Book” (Ladybird 2016), a children’s book on sleep for the popular children’s television programme “In The Night Garden”.

Mandy's own two children inspired her to start this journey over 25 years ago.

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Sam Saunders - The Baby Guru

sam saunders the baby guruSam Saunders is a baby behaviour expert and creator of the baby guru app. Sam has a wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years, having worked on hospital neonatal and postnatal wards and held the position of community nursery nurse for the Watford community midwives team.

A mum of 4, Sam has worked all over the world and holds a deep passion for helping enhance parenthood for families. She is NNEB qualified and has credition from Millpond Sleep Clinic.

Since 2008, Sam has been a baby and child sleep coach and trouble shooter, helping parents and families with everything from sleep training to weaning and behaviour coaching.

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Julian Bose - DadPad

sam saunders the baby guruSince 2012, Julian has been working alongside dads-to-be, new dads, mums, health visitors, midwives and other health professionals to develop and design a bespoke engagement tool and information guide, called the DadPad®.

Having worked for 14 years in the Probation Service, Julian had long been arguing that more intervention strategies were needed to help improve the life chances of individuals. Becoming a father highlighted to him the lack of information and advice available to men in the perinatal period.

Julian says: “I don’t know many fathers who would say that becoming a dad isn’t, at times, terrifying and stressful. It was for me. Whether dads-to-be will need or want long-term support is still to be determined, but they do need something to get them going, something that isn’t overwhelming. They need to know what to do because no one is telling them at the right time. They need this information to bond with their child and get their first fix of oxytocin, nature’s love drug, so they can become hooked on raising a family. All it takes is a little guidance to unlock every man’s powerful natural drive to do their best for their families.”

Julian continues to work with NHS and other professionals across the country, from a range of fields, to further develop the DadPad®, alongside other resources and initiatives to support new dads and dads-to-be. Julian is a regular speaker at various health-related meetings, conferences and launches across the UK, and has also attended a great many Mothercare Expectant Parent Events, always emphasising the importance of supporting dads in fatherhood.

The team at DadPad® were delighted when, in September 2019, the DadPad® Neonatal – a new resource, developed with Professor Minesh Khashu of Poole Hospital, and available to dads with babies on certain neonatal units across the UK – was Highly Commended in the 2019 BMA Patient Information Awards’ Innovation category.

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