trees for cities

Trees for Cities is the only charity working to create greener cities across the world. Transforming and revitalising spaces where social and environmental aspects have the greatest impact on the local communities.

Since 1993, Trees for Cities has seen over 70,000 people plant over 600,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates in places like London and worldwide. These projects help to improve the lives of the people who live in them and strengthening the communities through volunteering opportunities and inspiring children to grow and eat good food and to connect with nature.

how mothercare are working with trees for cities

Mothercare are donating the 5p plastic bag fund to Trees for Cities. This is incredibly valuable to Trees for Cities as it allows the planting of trees and help create beautiful green spaces. For mothercare these environmental projects are a great way to mitigate the effects the plastic bags will have on the environment.

Concentrating on projects primarily in cities where Mothercare’s stores, staff and customers experienced significant disruption from flash flooding, Trees for Cities endeaqvour to make a difference. One of the benefits of trees is the amazing power to mitigate surface flooding: A large tree can absorb up to 450 litres of water per day; about 30% of rain water in the circumference of a tree is caught on its leaves and reabsorbed into the atmosphere; the roots of trees create air pocket in the soil resulting in the soil being able to absorb a lot more water; and the roots also bind the soil to prevent erosion.

for the love of trees - london