Stroller coaster:
eight tips for safe pushchair trips

A well-designed pushchair is one of the best buys you'll ever make as a parent: you and your growing baby will see and do so much more with some sturdy wheels to take the strain. But with such precious cargo to transport, you'll want to be sure you've got a safe stroller and you know how to use it. So here is our guide for ensuring your little passenger has a smooth, safe and comfy ride.

mum pushing her baby in a pushchair


read the manual

It can happen to the best of us – getting stuck on the bus or in the shops with a stroller that just won't fold and unfold. You can spare your blushes by spending some time with your stroller before you head out. Try looking over the instructions, watching our ‘how to’ videos and testing out your stroller skills before you face the big wide world.


opening up the stroller

You'll know that your baby's safe if everything is locked in position after you open up the stroller. With most models there's a positive "click" when it's fully open, so you know it's secure. Be on the lookout for inquisitive little fingers though!


strapped safely in

It can be tricky fastening a wriggling little bundle of joy into a stroller. But when it comes to stroller safety, it's a must to strap your baby in with the harness, even on short journeys.


put on the brakes

It’s amazing how a stroller can roll away, even on the gentlest of slopes. Try getting into the habit of putting the brake on even for the briefest stops – like at a pedestrian crossing, for instance. That way you'll be less likely to forget and have a heart-in-mouth moment.


weighty issues

Stroller baskets can be really helpful for parents who wish they had a few extra pairs of hands. But they're designed for a few essentials, not heavy items. Overloading a stroller can damage it. The same goes for additional children: unless you have the correct stroller platform for siblings to ride on, it's not a good idea to carry extra passengers.


it's not a shopping trolley

It’s so tempting to hang bags on those convenient handles. But take it from us, once you've seen an overloaded stroller tip backwards, you won't be so tempted. One near miss is one too many!


take a rain check

A rain cover is a brilliant device that lets your little one enjoy the view, even when it's pouring down. But it can get really warm under the cover, so you'll want to take it off when the sun comes out or you're indoors. The same goes for cocoons or blankets. (Even if removing them wakes your baby – sorry!)


tell the grandparents

Your baby will love going for walks with Granny or a friend. Before they do, you can help them out by showing them how the stroller works, so they have a safe, fun time together. Most of all, have fun on your walks together. You, your baby, and your stroller will soon become a fabulous team, enjoying the fresh air and new experiences.