safety first: baby-proofing from top to bottom

As soon as they can poke, crawl and grab, your little explorer will want to find out as much about their world as they can. As your little one grows from baby to toddler, they get even more cheeky and intelligent, which calls for some added safety measures. For advice on baby-proofing all the nooks and crannies in your home, our child safety guides take the different ages into account, from rolling little babies to niftily climbing toddlers.

your room by room guide to home safety

Our guide takes you on a room-by-room tour of your home, looking at anything that needs covering, removing or storing away for the next few years. We can help you be aware of what to look out for to prevent any scrapes and tears.

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baby monitors buying guide

When you're expecting, it can feel like the list of new stuff you have to buy is practically never-ending. There's one item, however, that most parents (new and experienced) will agree is a must-have: the baby monitor.

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preventing accidents in the home

When baby-proofing your home, it’s good to try and think like your little one: what daily household items might a curious baby want to test and touch?

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in car safety

Buying and installing a child seat can feel rather complicated. We’ve put together a clear guide to which seat your tiny traveller will need. Your child’s car seat will need to change as they grow, so it’s worth staying aware of current advice.

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cot bed safety

There’s nothing sweeter than the sight (and silence) of a sleeping little one, all cosy in their cot. Make sure that your sleepy baby is safe and snug by following a few simple checks. Here’s our guide to a safe night’s sleep for your little one.

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stroller safety

With care, maintenance and regular checks, your stroller will provide a secure and comfy ride and last as long as its young passenger needs it. Here’s how you can make sure this essential item is always safe.

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second-hand advice

You may be thinking about buying some items second-hand to save money. Car seats, mattresses, cots and strollers may seem a little costly, but they are safest for your little one if they’re bought new.

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trampoline safety

Most children love to bounce! Setting up a trampoline in your own garden is a great way to make sure that your child has plenty of fresh air and exercise, as well as having lots of fun.

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