how to pick the perfect pushchair:
stroll with it

Forget the creaky prams and flimsy buggies of your own childhood: today's pushchair is as smart, tough and stylish as the average family car. There are dozens of choices of brand, style and features, which means you're more likely to find the perfect pushchair for you and your baby. But that can also make it hard to decide. To help you choose, we've compiled this guide to the best baby pushchairs.

prams and pushchairs

Prams have lie flat beds so your baby can lie on their back, look up at the world and have a little snooze while they travel. This makes them perfect right from birth, as the flat position is healthier for the growing spines of newborns.[1]

As babies get older, they want to sit up and look at the world, which is where pushchairs come in. The great thing is that many can be used from birth all the way into the toddler years, because they have seats that recline all the way back into a flat position. Others have a space for a carrycot to clip into, where your baby can lie until they're big enough to sit in the seat.

The main features to look for in prams and pushchairs are:

  • reversible seats: you can adjust them to face forward towards the world or backwards to face you
  • convertible: some pushchair seats can convert to a pram without adding a separate carrycot
  • foldable: they're easy to take on holidays (or on the local bus)
  • sturdy wheels: some have all-terrain wheels so you can take your little one for a country ramble, while others are designed for city streets
  • lockable swivel wheels: for easy manoeuvrability when you’re whizzing around the shops or as you trek across the bumpy park to feed the ducks
  • space for a car seat: some pushchairs make it easy to clip on a car seat (so you don't need to wake your baby after a drive)
  • room for expansion: some have a space to clip on another seat (for baby number two, or twins!)

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mum taking her baby out in a mothercare pushchair

strollers and buggies

Strollers are great for families who love to travel, as they fold down really easily. Some can fold so small that they'll fit in an aeroplane’s overhead locker: holidays here we come! They also fit in small car boots and cupboards, so there's no need to worry about storage space. They're sturdy enough to take you across bumpy bits of grass (on a shortcut to the playground) but aren't really made for taking on tough terrain. Some stroller seats don't recline, so they're only suitable for babies aged six months and up.

mum pushing a mothercare stroller pushchair

Look out for these features when you browse strollers and buggies:

  • lightweight and small when folded: great for travelling
  • easy to manoeuvre: fab for getting around in a hurry
  • easy to store: a good option for grandparents to keep at their house for baby's visits

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double and tandem pushchairs

The best choice for big (or growing) families, these pushchairs have space for two little ones. Double pushchairs have two seats side-by-side, and are usually suitable from birth: perfect if you've got twins! Tandem pushchairs have one seat behind the other, and are better if your children are different ages. Usually only one seat is suitable from birth, while the other is designed with toddlers in mind. Some single pushchairs also have space to clip on an extra space if needed, so if you're still working on baby number one but are planning to have another in a few years, this can be a great option.

a mum with twin babies in a tandem pushchair

Expect to see these features in double pushchairs:

  • side-by-side seats: can be adjusted separately
  • stability: they're nice and easy to push
  • accessories: from footmuffs to weather shields, there are plenty of handy add-ons you can buy

You'll usually find these features in tandem pushchairs:

  • aligned seats: one behind the other, with the option of adjusting each separately
  • different age ranges: useful if there's a slight age gap between passengers
  • rear seat recline: perfect for newborns
  • added extras: some models have an added infant carrier or car seat
  • barrier: toddlers are in front of baby, so they can't cause mischief with their little sibling

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[1]. Pushchair safety: what you need to know, Baby Centre, September 2013