Dressing for two:
top ten maternity shopping tips

maternity fashion and pregnancy clothing tips

When you're pregnant, comfort is key. Our handy pregnancy checklist includes tips to keep you and your bump happy, whether that means choosing the cosiest fabrics or relaxing in lavender baths.


keep your style

If you're a jeans and rock T-shirt kind of girl, there's no reason to suddenly switch to floral dresses just because you're pregnant. Maternity clothes mimic high street fashion, so you should have no trouble finding comfy clothes that fit in with your regular wardrobe.


choose natural fabrics

Maternity wear should tick three boxes: breathable, stretchable, and durable. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester. They have a habit of holding heat, making you feel sweaty and itchy. Go for breathable natural fibres like cotton, with a touch of elastic so there's plenty of give to let you grow.[1]


perfect support

It's important to wear the right size of bra while you're pregnant: your breasts need your support more than ever. Get properly fitted once you've outgrown your normal bras.


stock up on essentials

Layer vests and tunics over a nice stretchy pair of leggings and you'll have a look that lasts your whole pregnancy. It's stylish, it's comfortable, and it's easy to get on and off during those multiple toilet breaks!


keep it casual

Try both over-the-bump and under-the-bump jeans to see which style you prefer. Choose ones with nice stretchy denim so that they're comfortable on days when your legs feel a bit swollen, and make sure they have a lovely, soft bump band to support you as you grow.


invest in dresses

Casual maternity dresses can make life much easier. On days when you can't be bothered pulling an outfit together (or even just pulling on trousers) you can just throw on a dress. You'll look chic and stylish in half the time it takes to put on jeans and a top.


choose fitted pieces

Fitted clothes are perfect for showing off your bump with pride. Just make sure they're not too tight. Tight clothes can put pressure on your tummy and, although this won't hurt your baby, it will make you feel uncomfortable.


buy nursing tops early

Nursing tops are great when you're pregnant because there's lots of room for your expanding (and tender) breasts. They'll come in handy later on if you're planning to breastfeed, as they're designed for super easy access.


take a dip

Swimming is a fantastic exercise to do when you're pregnant. It's a great way to bust stress, release endorphins and keep fit. It's also nice to feel weightless for a little while, especially in the third trimester!


time for bed

Like the rest of your pregnancy wardrobe, you'll need to choose breathable fabrics and loose fits at bedtime. You might also want to pick up a sleep bra as well, to keep your breasts supported all night. Now, who said maternity wear couldn't be glamorous?


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