from bump to birth: guides to stylish maternity clothing

At mothercare, we think style and comfort can go hand-in-hand. Having a bump doesn’t mean you can’t wear skinny jeans or a little black dress. And it certainly doesn’t mean you need to swap your lacy bra for something old-fashioned. We work with mums-to-be so that our clothes tick all the boxes. So, if you want to splash out on a whole new wardrobe or just pick up a few key pieces, we have plenty to tempt you. And we also want to make sure you have all the info you need to pick the perfect clothes, that fit just right, which is where our guides come in…

choosing a maternity bra

Your breasts grow and change when you’re pregnant. A well-fitting maternity bra can give you the support you need. And, from sports bras to lacy lingerie, we’ve got it covered.

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figuring out maternity sizing

We know how important it is that your clothes feel comfortable during your pregnancy. To make sure we’re getting it spot on, we work with mums-to-be when we’re designing new clothes.

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baby footwear

You’ll probably need a few pairs of jeans to get you through your pregnancy. But do you go for under your bump, or over? What fit do you get? Our maternity jeans buying guide has all you need to know.

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making sure you have everything you need

You’ll want to invest in a few things to keep you comfortable, whether it’s a great maternity bra or a pillow to help you sleep better, and you’ll want to pick up a few little luxuries too.

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our top ten tips for maternity shopping

We get that you don’t want to be trawling around the shops for hours when you’re pregnant. So we’ve chatted to lots of mums, and other pregnancy experts, to help make things a bit easier.

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