food glorious food: guides to feeding your baby

Holding your baby close during feeding time is a magical bonding experience, especially in those first few weeks. Whether you decide to bottle or breastfeed your newborn, in those first six months or so you’ll spend a lot of time meeting your little one’s demanding appetite

Mothercare's guide to breastfeeding

The great thing about breastfeeding is that all the equipment you need is on you all the time, although some accessories can make it easier and more comfortable.

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Bottle feeding your baby

If you’ve decided to bottle-feed, we have gathered all the tips you’ll need. Bottle-feeding does come with a few more necessary bits and bobs. There’s even an explanation of how to hold, feed and wind your little one.

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weaning your baby

The time has come, and your baby is ready for some solid food. Our guide runs through all of the cups, bowls and bibs you might need. We also have a guide to the weaning process.

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Our guide takes you through the different easy-clean materials, as well as the lightweight travel models for those fun trips with baby. We also have a few high chair safety tips to keep your little king or queen sat securely in their throne.

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