A Guide to Nuna

a guide to Nuna

To help navigate through all of your family's journeys, our safety experts have carefully curated into our car seats the best materials, safety technology and then tested all to the extreme (and beyond!) so that you can focus on the road ahead—knowing what’s riding behind you is safe and sound.

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40 to 85 cm
up to 13 kg

  • meets and exceeds i-size standard
  • true lock installation
  • dream drape for extra protection
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REBL plus

rear: 40 to 105 cm, 18.5 kg
forward: 80 to 105 cm, 18.5 kg

  • meets and exceeds i-size standard
  • steel strength technology
  • birth to 4 years

Rebl Plus
Rebl Plus
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group 2/3
15 to 36 kg

  • 3D growth system
  • customizable recline
  • 8 position ISOFIX connectors

why i-size?

Evo Avant

read on to find out why it is the most secure choice


overall side impact protection thanks to the first ever, standardized certification test


for longer, with required rearward facing riding until 15 months, to provide the most secure travel (up to 5 times more safe!)


testing, due to better technology - with smarter sensitivity sensors used druing simulations - and more of them


installation with less chance of error thanks to ISOFIX attachments


classification based off of a child's height - simply measure your child to see which seat will keep them the safest

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